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Weirdos in the mail:

Weirdo: Peace Sjef,
If you have any inquiries about me, feel free to contact me directly.
Misusing a Manifestor in the way that you did is barely forgivable since [whomever] was subjected to an uncomfortable confrontation with the truth of his own behavior on your behalf.
It was childish and I called you a baby and I stand by that.
I don’t require nor will I read a response from you in regards to this rather infantile behavior. Just understand I SEE you and I already KNEW when he asked that it was you asking for it.
Take care, [Weirdo]

Me: I have no idea what this is about šŸ˜€

Weirdo: Oh, so we add liar to the list.

Me: ok, backing up
I think I know now, but you have not said what it is about
I ask [whomever] if he has your chart
he had not
the end
what he then apparently doe sis ask you, which I did not ask for, is his own decision
as he is free to do
And I can ask him for your chart every day of the week
so there
greetings šŸ™‚

Weirdo: Like I said, a BABY LOL

Me: “nor will I read a response from you
promises promises

Weirdo: Don’t do that. It’s childish and it’s unnecessary.
How about I won’t ‘take it seriously, just like I didn’t take [whomever] seriously…you all don’t follow your authority so I have to keep that in mind when interacting.
I will talk to you in November LOL

Me: or not šŸ™‚
ow and psst, you can tell me what not to do, but it won’t matter
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The study – like all research – includes some caveats and limitations

Women tend to be more attracted to men who view females as pure and nurturing but also weak and needing extra care – an attitude that has been named benevolent sexism. Thatā€™s the conclusion of a new study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

ā€œWe became interested in this topic, because we realized a paradox in the literature on benevolent sexism,ā€ explained study author Pelin Gul of Iowa State University.

ā€œPrevious studies have found that menā€™s benevolent sexism has many detrimental consequences on women (such as undermining their competence, restricting their freedom, confining them to the kitchen), yet research had also shown that women prefer benevolent sexist men and even find these men more attractive than non-benevolent sexist men.ā€

ā€œWe realised that theoretical perspectives on mate preferences, especially parental investment theory, could solve this puzzle,ā€ Gul said. ā€œIt could be that womenā€™s attraction to benevolent sexist men is because they perceive these men as willing to invest, which could even outweigh the downsides of benevolent sexism. This explanation was entirely absent in the literature, and so that is what we wanted to add to this literature.ā€

Across five studies, with 782 female participants, the researchers found that women perceived a male romantic partner who held benevolent sexist attitudes as more willing to protect, provide, and commit for them, which in turn made him more attractive. Feminist women were as likely as non-feminist women to prefer benevolent sexist men over more egalitarian men.

In the study, benevolent sexist men were described as believing that women should be cherished and protected by men, and should be helped before men in emergency situations. They were also described as giving their coat to a woman in the cold and opening doors for her.

Non-benevolent sexist men, on the other hand, were described as holding more egalitarian views. They didnā€™t beleive that a woman should be set on pedestal by her man, nor did they offer women coats or hold open doors.
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Video Credit:Ā Data:Ā Lunar Reconnaissance OrbiterĀ ;Ā Animation:Ā NASA‘sĀ Scientific Visualization Studio;
Music:Ā The Blue DanubeĀ (Johann Strauss II)

Explanation:Ā Our Moon’s appearance changes nightly. As theĀ MoonĀ orbits theĀ Earth, the half illuminated by theĀ SunĀ first becomes increasingly visible, then decreasingly visible. TheĀ featured videoĀ animates images taken by NASA’s Moon-orbitingĀ Lunar Reconnaissance OrbiterĀ to show all 12 lunations that appear this year, 2018. A singleĀ lunationĀ describes one full cycle of our Moon, including all of itsĀ phases. A fullĀ lunationĀ takes about 29.5 days, just under a month (moon-th). As eachĀ lunationĀ progresses, sunlight reflects from theĀ MoonĀ at different angles, and soĀ illuminates differentĀ features differently. During all of this, of course, theĀ MoonĀ always keeps the same face toward theĀ Earth. What is less apparent night-to-night is that theĀ Moon‘s apparent size changes slightly, and that a slight wobble called aĀ librationĀ occurs as theĀ MoonĀ progresses along itsĀ ellipticalĀ 


Lower the bar


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