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Lunar Tracking

You probably have heard/read somewhere that Reflectors have some kind of intimate/important relationship with the moon, more than with other 'heavenly bodies'. And maybe also that other types (Generators, Manifestors, and Projectors) too can benefit from tracking their own personal lunar cycle. (especially mental Projectors I am told)

So here are both basic and more extended ways of making and looking at your very own lunar cycle each month:


These are the gates I do have:
20, 45, 7, 47, 6, 46, 48, 14, 9, 26, 11, 22, 36, 27, 24

(click image to open in new window)

So my own personal moon-cycle are the ones opposite for it to make a channel:
10, 34, 57, 21, 31, 64, 59, 29, 16, 2, 52, 44, 56, 12, 35, 50, 61
(You see there are more opposite because of the connection possibilities of my 20)

Also, told by Dharmen in my signpost session, because I have 20 as the design moon, whenever the moon is in 20, this means a new body for me. A fresh start of my cycle so to speak. (Before, I thought my Personality Sun 47 would be the beginning of the cycle.)

So here is my basic moon-cycle in full (and in the proper order of the movement of the moon through the gates)

(click image to open in new window)


The basic lunar tracking (only) speaks of opposites (in a channel), but there are 2 more options to look at, opposites in the I-Ching wheel (polarity or programming partner) and when the moon is in a gate you already do have or not have at all, the latter I can show you:

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So there you see the counterclock movement of the moon though the wheel where it either makes no connection at all, it is in an opposition of a gate to form a temporary conditioning channel or it is in a gate you already have and thus in resonance and perhaps emphesizes that.

One could go even further and state the lines of the moon in there too (!)

Disclaimer and acknowledgement: the basic lunar-cycle I received from Jwala Koop at my foundational reading, the extended version I could not have made without the help of Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert and their course "Embracing The Path of the Moon. A Journey of Discovery through the Lunar Cycle" which I -highly- recommend anyone interested in their Lunar odyssey. (see their webpage here)