April 2009

MoonBlog 28.4 Holding on


(published nowhere but here)

-Well here is something to reflect on:

There is no us (or them), there is no tribal feeling, there is no welcoming you to Ibiza (very very very few exceptions) they’re mostly egotistical, ego central fuck heads, (and some mind-fuckers to boot) but it’s not their fault, it is in the teaching, be yourself, be this be that as long as it is yourself, live your type and strategy, if that is a giant douche bag fuck-up well, live it ! Enjoy your movie !

There is hardly any help for a newbie, everybody is in/on his/her own power trip, encouraged !
Yes there are genuine friendly people, yes nobody has to help another or not that very instant. But it seems the help/service that is offered is only to accommodate more revenue, only material gadgetry so more people can join in to listen to the same story over and over again.

Sitting there, watching, observing, sensing, all I could think of was, this ‘group’ needs a beach party, a social gathering, something to take their mind (!) of from themselves that navel staring inner voyage, and some of them definitely need to get laid…. Don’t change one vision/conditioning for only one other, don’t live out a self fulfilling prophecy

Yes there is great truth in your body, yes it has been neglected, you should look at it and listen to it, but don’t let it take over your life, you do have control, you don’t -have- to become (just/only) an asshole since that too is just a tiny part of you, as all of these gates, channels, centers, etc are (only) facets of your crystal(s) which has so many faces it is incomprehensible. And even those are not locked, and always and forever valid, you do have a choice not to be an egotistical moron.

And you’re a gullible stupid bunch too (but hey I don’t blame you if you can’t/may not use your mind for inner authority) too pay someone to tell you over and over again to live your strategy and authority, whatever the subject is (!). And yes there is a lot of truth in that (as far as this newbie can tell), but how many times do you have someone have to tell you that? And for how much money again, and again, and again?

How many do actually love themselves, even if they are not whole/complete, this or that, not finished on your journey (you never will be, hopefully), have not followed this course or that lecture. How many do love their shortcomings, their pitfalls, their stupidities, and the fact that you are in fact only human…and maybe are not all that capable to live this strategy and authority of yours, let alone be an analyst…
So how many can greet the other with open arms/mind, with-out an agenda (your agenda).

So is my rambling on about being nice? No, but you -can- be, you don’t have to -not be- nice. It’s just stupid.
And don’t forget to stop and -think- every now and then.

I block you very much…