November 2013

Moon Blog 48.2

as we seek ways to relieve our discomforts, as we seek ways to not sit with our muddy waters, it is our ego that is stil in the drivers seat, is stil in control. Your mind fucking you over, steering you clear of what needs protecting. But you don’t really know if that is actually true, because you’ve never gone there. Really. We believe it needs protecting, as we consider ourselves hurt little children, and in some ways we are, hurt, little, children.

You learn to use tricks, low level magic, to try and avoid the unavoidable, as life keeps steering you back into the mud. The momentary sigh of relief, as you scrape and wash off the few specs of mud that got to you, while your life is already preparing the next preamble for your next mud-bath. The quick fix, the quicksilver life, the shallow dip in and shallow dip out, boasting our shallow victories.

Even without using it as a goal, but the youthful rejuvenation is waiting for you. As the mud clings to your skin, attaching to your dead particles, so they can be washed away, scrubbed and rinsed.

If you ever want to be reborn, don’t you first have to actually die…? Then die, first.

Who are you, that which you attach to, is it true, is it trully you?
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MoonBlog 39.5

Weirdos in the mail

In a FB topic I wrote:

“A hanging Gate is a Gate colored in your Chart in an Undefined Center, a Dormant Potential is a Gate colored in your Chart in a Defined Center. Both types of Gates could be on the other side of your Split that Bridges it. The Not-Self not lives or manifests itself in the Openness of ones Chart only, but it is the mind, using your Openness to make decisions that are not correct for you.”

To which this message comes:

Weirdo: “So Sjef, what was you positive contribution to the poor girl whose fucking head you left spinning? Dude you tend to use your gifts on the shadow side.”

Me: *yawn*

Weirdo: “it is that mean, immature, competitive spirit that makes it so difficult to live here. i know you will not get it… however i needed to say it.”

Me: “I was replying to the other person who just blurted out nonsense, I rather have someones head spin then lied to. The rest is really your own black way of thinking bad things about others and really not my issue love, cheers”

After some contemplation I wrote this also:

Me: “So besides seeing people either as victims or as perpetraders, why are you harassing me with something that is your internal issue? Why do you not go inside yourself and find out why you have an issue with someome correcting basic Human Design knowledge? From which authority do you even dare to come and tell someone else what to do, and impose your morals on, in a private message no less? Next time I will report you. If you have a comment on mine, do it publicly. If you have an issue with someome or something, please resolve the issue yourself where it belongs and not pressure someone else to do it for you. This was free lesson, feel free to book an appointment for another session at my regular fee.”

Weirdo: “Maybe it is time to be mature young friend, and see if you can see beyond yourself, and your need to be seen. One must know their audience, to go to lines and channels before someone has had a foundational reading is pure arrogance and truly thoughtless. Also to speak to your elder in such fashion is pure ignorance.”

Weirdo: “BTW nothing to do with morals, just requesting you to not badger people with all your impressive HD knowledge, it tends to push them away.”

Weirdo: “And I do not have these conversations with you publicly, because I know that you do not set out to hurt, embarrass, try to make people feel less than, or make their heads spin. It is just this way you have of being seen, and I will not fuel that.”


Just in case some people wonder why I block certain people 😈 😎
(and yes, I mixed up the hanging gate & dormant potential there)
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Moon Blog 39.3

as long as you see evil as bad, as long as you only seek to attach yourself to the light/good in people while adhering to or applying a dualistic system like Human Design, you are ignoring one complete half of the equation. That is 50% you deem unfit, faul, bad, yuck, and wish to condemn, ignore, and perhaps even kill.

And where does -your- Strategy & Authority come in?

As long as you even dare calling someone to belong to a sub-species only proves your very own superiority complex, and excludes rather than includes, and thus by creating and holding the divide actively will also never resolve anything.

You will continue to stay in opposition with everything you deem ‘not good’ on a self taught and imposed scale of issues to concern yourself with.

If it smells like excrement, it probably is…

Moon Blog 21.6

Is it perhaps time to consider stop voicing your opposition of the current system, and actively engage working on the one that is correct for you?

I can see the being in opposition draining you, hurting you. Your Facebook walls are overflowing with your hurt, the wailing wall almost. Is that truly what is correct for you to do, to be, to spend your days? To be in opposition with what you don’t like? Were you invited to do so? Or asked, initiated perhaps?

Are you trapped in this mode of reaction to life as you see it, in a narrowed down view of life and living? Is the being in oppostion something you crave as an addiction? Knee-jerking around pretending to dance?

Moon Blog 55.6

Life (the Maia), according to Human Design, is about Duality.
When do we accept and embrace the darkness, for real? Not just play with it, at parties or in conversations, but embody the yin and yang fully, in us, in others, in life.

Hidden or more openly, many people only conceive the lighter/brighter side of life, completely ignoring their other half. While wondering what they need to do differently cause life is still not working for them…

And what would our darker side of life actually look like, that has been hidden for so long?

Is it time for a Human Design Yin Group?