April 2014

Moon Blog 3.4

Are we here to change the world?

Or are we here to learn to accept it, and notice our own processing of what we do and do not ‘like’ in it?
And if we are here to change the world, to which standards are we changing it, forcing it, willing it? Who decides?
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Baffo is

Baffo is here

Baffo is an artist, Baffo is a jester, Baffo is a boy, Baffo is a man, Baffo is kind, Baffo is aloof/off the roof, Baffo has tendencies to autism, Baffo rides a motorscooter, Baffo is a prince, Baffo is a hard-ass, Baffo has soft-spots, Baffo surprises, Baffo does not care when you do, Baffo cares deeply when you don’t, Baffo likes adventures, Baffo likes a good story, Baffo can tell a few too, Baffo Rules, Baffo is furry, Baffo is a tattoo, Baffo is Baffo