Going inside is often mistaken for going more inside your mind.

Living in the illusion of retreating and writing what comes up, is the solution to the problems.

The problems that are made up by the same mind you are using to combat them. Fighting with yourself (!)

Yes your mind made up your problems, by judging this and that, by telling you this is good, and this is bad. Originating way back in your earliest conditioning by parents first, family second and teachers and classmates later. And you, yourself.

You who made up what this means, and that means, or must, might, will, should, could, bla. When he has this face when she said that.

The self-made up idea of retreating can be interesting, but you were never asked, or invited or prodded to do so. And thus you never responded to anything but your own idea, your own thoughts of what is right and wrong with you.

And off you go, into blabla land, with your pens and papers, retreating from this and that, thinking to take a break from the bad world outside of you, when all is actually inside, and you’re now locking yourself up with it.

More psychology is not going to help you but further down that path of destruction, of your one way ticket to the mad house. Of becoming more and more unable to relate to actual life, but only relate to the life that lives inside your head.

While you mean so well, to yourself and others, but you’re simply wrong, mistaken. About what the cause of your worries, fears and troubles are. And then also mistaken about any such solution to those perceived issues.

You even expect to come up with solutions in your lofty endeavor of retreating. To share your most inner thoughts of doom, gloom and also bloom. To mind fuck about even more in the aftermath of your wonderful retreat, and share and discuss with friends and other self-delusioned mindfuckers to get likes and comments on FaceTube.

How good of you to do this, how you channeled all that doing energy into something good, and so worthwhile yes? How -good- of you, what an achievement, all this mental gibberish, in the illusion of the solution, your poems of despair.

Gate 47 of realizing, oppression.
A restrictive and adverse state as a result of internal weakness or external strength or both.

Gate 47 Line 2 Ambition

Exalted: The ambition and drive to overcome personal oppression in order to achieve security. Realizing that to be busy is mentally healthy.
Detriment: An indecisiveness in times of personal oppression, whether to apply intelligence to recovery or accept its weight to take advantage of other prevailing conditions that may only be temporary. The inability to sense when and which activity is healthy.