Gate Line Color Tone Base percentages


Each Gate has 6 Lines (16.67% each) Each Line has 6 Colors, each Color has 6 tones, each Tones has 5 Bases (20%).
An activation is a point in time, measured by Gate, Line, Color, Tone, Base. These percentages show that, but are not important to remember themselves.

This picture shows it is at 7% of Base 4, which is identical to 61% of Tone 6, 61% of Tone 6 is identical to 93% of Color 3, 93% of Color 3 is identical to 48% of Line 6, 48% of Line 6 is identical to 91% of a Gate.

It’s like weeks, hours, minutes, or kilometers, meters, centimeters and so on. Its a scale (within a scale)


And the reverse is also true, 91% of the Gate means it has to be in Line 6, and thus 48% in the 6th Line, and thus 93% of Color 3, and thus 61% of Tone 6 and 7% of Base 4. They are all the same ‘time’ the same moment, in space/time.

In Human Design you might call it in full, which rarely anyone (except the HumanDesignApp) does. The percentage say the same but in a different scale. The Advanced charts only mention up to Tone because Base is a Theory, too small to account for, with inaccurate birth data.