July 2016

There is nothing to brag about

“IT DEPENDS on you. You can be conditioned by me — but am not conditioning you. Let that be absolutely clear!

You can be conditioned by me. If you are listening only through the mind you will be conditioned, because the mind goes on gathering knowledge. The mind is very suggestible, corruptible, vulnerable. If you are listening to me through your mind, through your reason, through your argumentative faculty, through your intellect, you will be conditioned. Even if you are not convinced by me, even if you go thinking that you are not convinced by me, still you will be conditioned. Maybe against me, but that too will condition you. For or against does not matter: if you listen through the mind you will be conditioned — because mind is the faculty of conditioning.

Centuries of conditioning have made you more like machines. You have lost your manhood, you have bargained for security. You are secure and comfortable and everything has been planned by others. And they have put everything on the map, they have measured everything. This is all absolutely foolish because life cannot be measured, it is immeasurable. And no map is possible because life is in constant flux. Everything goes on changing. Nothing is permanent except change. Says Heraclitus, ‘You cannot step in the same river twice.’

The moment you are born, conditioning starts, from your very first breath; it cannot be avoided. The parents will condition you, the children you play with will condition you, the neighborhood will condition you, the school, the church, the state. And consciously not much conditioning is being done, but unconsciously the child goes on and on accumulating it. The child learns by imitating.


So don’t be worried. This is the normal situation in the world: everybody is conditioned.
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Worry, think or wonder about

From day to day my head is quite fully occupied. Thinking what to eat, mails, new projects, finish my to do list. Specially in this world of data there is always something more to check. There is hardly a moment of rest these days. Even on the toilet I watch Youtube. This ends up in a Monkeymind. To much random stuff that goes through my mind, i have no control at it. I just start to think about stuff and before I know it its one hour later.

I wanted to learn to control the mind. So I went in retreat with the buddhist monks in Thailand where they practise vipassana meditation. You can go here living with the monks and fully focus on meditation, nothing else. Its super boring but an amazing experience! It that really helps to get a clear mind and learn to control your thoughts. They learn you to not think about the past of worry about the future. Live in the now. Really taste the food you eat, feel the sun on your skin, the air you breathe. It makes you live in the present. Obviously I don’t master this amazing skill after 10 days, but definitely learned a lot from them!

Source: Living With Monks

Het vijfpunten plan

Nationale Volksraad. De Tweede Kamer wordt vervangen door een rechtstreeks gekozen volksvertegenwoordiging. Per provincie worden tien afgevaardigden gekozen in de Nationale Volksraad, die 120 leden telt. Om disbalans te voorkomen wordt gekozen voor een gelijk aantal afgevaardigden per provincie.

Provinciale Kieslijst. De tien afgevaardigden per provincie worden gekozen via provinciale verkiezingen. Iedereen kan zich aanmelden voor de kieslijst die, laten we zeggen, uit 100 kandidaten bestaat. Deze kandidaten mogen geen strafblad hebben en moeten een toelatingsexamen afleggen. Dat kan makkelijk en objectief via een geavanceerd computerprogramma. Het toelatingsexamen dient als toetsing of kandidaten voldoende maatschappijkennis hebben. Wie slaagt komt op de kieslijst. Aanmelding voor de kieslijst gaat op volgorde van binnenkomst binnen een gestelde termijn. Medebepalend voor de diversiteit van de kieslijst is ook de maatschappelijke achtergrond. Vervolgens mogen de kandidaten hun eigen verkiezingscampagne voeren binnen gestelde financiële grenzen. De verkiezingen worden gedurende een aantal dagen via internet gehouden.

Regering. De gekozen Nationale Volksraad stelt de regering samen die bestaat uit gekwalificeerde professionals van buitenaf, zonder een partijverleden. Dus geen loyale partijtijgers meer die voor bewezen diensten minister of staatssecretaris mogen spelen. Tussentijds kunnen ministers en staatssecretarissen bij disfunctioneren ontslagen worden. Op gemeentelijk niveau zien we trouwens al dat wethouders van buitenaf als professionals worden ingehuurd. Zo nieuw is die gedachte dus niet.

Regeringsplan. Vervolgens gaat de aangestelde regering een regeringsplan schrijven waarbinnen objectief en proportioneel rekening gehouden wordt met de belangen van de samenleving. De Nationale Volksraad keurt het regeringsplan bij meerderheid goed, wijst het af of brengt veranderingen aan. Criteria zijn dus niet meer de vroegere partijpolitieke stokpaardjes, maar evenwichtige sociaal-economische wensen en noodzakelijkheden gevoed vanuit de samenleving. De regering legt verantwoording af aan de Volksraad.

Referendum. De neerbuigendheid waarmee de gevestigde politiek het volksreferendum benadert is ronduit stuitend. Het kenmerkt de belangen van de partijpolitiek die de burger als stoorzender ziet. In het nieuwe politieke stelsel zal voor fundamentele beslissingen het bindend volksreferendum bepalend zijn.

Bron: http://politiek.tpo.nl/column/tijd-nieuw-politiek-stelsel-vijf-punten/

The Four Career Types


The Career Types
The first, and most important, aspect in your analysis is your Career Type, which shows your inherent role within the material world. While there are millions of variations of Career Designs, there are these core Career Types. Each of us is one of these Career Types, and your Type stays the same throughout your entire life. Here is a very brief explanation of The Career Types.

Innovators comprise about 9 percent of the population. They are the ones that initiate and get the ball rolling. They are not afraid to bring something new into the material world, and yet need allies from the other Career Types to help them manifest their vision over time. Innovators operate best when they inform others about what they are about to do, thus eliminating resistance and putting people at ease. When Innovators cannot operate in peace, they get angry. They are designed to have a powerful impact, and to be the initiating mechanisms for others. Getting things going, not sustaining them over time, is their gift to the material world.

Builders represent about 70 percent of the population. They are great at building and growing a business. They know “how” to get the job done. Satisfaction in their work comes by engaging with that work through an internal response to outside stimuli. By allowing this internal response to guide them, Builders learn what they are best at, and what brings them the most satisfaction. Without utilizing this internal response, they end up working in the wrong job, and are left feeling frustrated. The Builders are the life force of the planet, and are designed to know themselves by observing what they respond to. Doing their life’s work is vital to their well-being, and the vitality and energy they bring and sustain is their gift to the material world.

Advisors are approximately 20 percent of the population. They make great administrators, coaches, consultants, teachers and leaders, and excel at directing the action of others. Advisors experience the most success in life when they are called into this role through recognition of their specific gifts and talents. When they wait until they are recognized, and invited, the success of their material life unfolds for them. Working in an environment where they are not appreciated or recognized for their talents only brings them bitterness. The insightful recognitions, unique perceptions, and guidance they bring, in terms of how to make our interactions more efficient, is their gift to the material world.

Evaluators represent only about 1 percent of the population. They are the indispensable advisors, evaluators and assessors. They are very good at monitoring the ‘condition’ of a business, organization or community. They operate best in an environment where they are not rushed or hurried. They observe what is unique and different, and can be very beneficial in pointing out things that are going unnoticed. They are very much like the canary in the mineshaft. Their clue that they themselves may not be in the right environment is a sense of disappointment. The Evaluators are designed to be the judges of humanity, and to reflect back the injustices humanity inflicts on itself. Their ability to clearly and objectively discern the ‘this and that’ of the world is their gift to the material world.


Shut up woman, get on my horse

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing
Give it a lick, Mmm it tastes just like raisins
Stroke on it’s mane it turns into a plane
And then it turns back again when you tug on it’s winky
Eww that’s dirty!

Do you think so? Well I better not show you where the lemonade is made
Sweet Lemonade, Mmm Sweet lemonade
Sweet lemonade, yeah sweet lemonade

(Synth Solo)

Get on my horse, I’ll take you round the Universe and all the other places too
I think you’ll find that the Universe pretty much covers everything
Shut up woman, get on my horse