MoonBlog 37.2 Responsibility

A thing to perhaps notice is our deep running drive, to negotiate with life. To seek ways to alter what needs to be done, when for instance entering into our Human Design experiment. How we, us, our ego, our minds, wants to have a say in which way things work, and seeks to put terms on our own deconditioning process, which is hilarious to watch and see, as we come up with all sorts of excuses why we would like to change our experience of things.

And thus our ego/mind keeps hold of our process, of our lives, of what -is- going on in it. And while continuing to feel a victim of circumstance, of this, of that, of you, but also me, of the teacher, of our Strategy & Authority, of the new president elect. We seek short-cuts to justify the means to reach a certain goal, but get so caught up in seeking these short-cuts, as our minds have laid out an intricate plan to attain it, we probably will never reach that goal we attempt to reach in the first place.

As the Buddha supposedly has said:
“My teaching is a raft whereon men may reach the far shore
The sad fact is that so many mistake the raft for the shore”

We will not reach the far shore at all (we won’t even get on the boat!!), as we negotiate what kind of boat, how much the crossing will cost, how long it will take, what seating arrangement, and who to partner up with in the cabin (wait, what, there are actual cabins too, how much for those !?? Really that much, is there a discount if I do this, or can prove that I am that?) on and on and on…

While we bitch and complain about those people that do not negotiate, that only offer a simple but effective raft, which will make the journey not easy, but clear, open and honest, and true.

But we tend to want to stay victims of even our own journey into freedom, when demanding a cabin and new bedding, but then haggle for another discount, distracted by the means of travel instead of actually journeying, this teacher, that way, this course, that one, this price, this schedule. And some of us say: I want you to teach me this, but I don’t want you to teach me in this way, or your way. I want you to teach me this in my way, in the illusion of control on the process itself and most certainly on the outcome. Seeking to judge it and park it, mentally, somewhere nice, somewhere safe.

Human Design is a legend of a map, it is the theoretical explanation of what you can see in that map, it is -not- the life itself. More knowledge about the map itself, in itself, will not help you free ourselves.

Knowing more and more about Human Design, the framework of mechanical knowledge does not make you change our life, but can do great damage to our actual experiment, as we chase down more and more and more information all by itself. Unsynthesized, bland, sterile and super open for incredible misinterpretation with that same mind that has kept us in this loop for ages. Or super interpreted by the one selling it to you..

.. and then we trot around with this massive amount of information about this, and that.

Einstein supposedly said:
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

So why do we continue to merely replace the information in our heads, while making the same kind of decisions with that same head!?

Living it, making decisions as per our S&A, or starting to, failing to, attempting to, trying to.. what gets you started, nothing else can.

However, you may say: But what about my own-ness, my uniqueness? Well, there is no need to give that up, but living a 7-centered life until now, do you even have that, yet? What we identify with now, is our 7-centered ego/mind, not just yet our 9-centered truth, so maybe wait a while with claiming to have one.

Information is nice, as we go along, on our journey of discovery, sometimes a little bit of information, sometimes a bit of experimenting. Sometimes doing an intensive workshop, course or weekend retreat. Sometimes a little mental pressure, sometimes a little letting go of it all. Pulsating, living, breathing, alive, in and out, real life living.

Not fighting over who has the most information for the greatest discount, presented in a sterile way, or even in an animated enthusiastic way, or the occasional wild nut-job.

The moment we can catch our self giving dogmatic reasons, 7 centered reasons, mental reasons for our decisions, how we justify the means, ah…

And when you do catch yourself, does it not make you giggle? 😉

Gate 37 of friendship, the family.
The manifestation macro- and micro-cosmically of the organic nature of communities.

Gate 37, line 2: Responsibility
Exalted: The understanding of the principle of individual responsibility as the foundation for successful cooperation. The possibility of friendship through individual responsibility.
Detriment: A tendency to point out the responsibility of others. The possibility that friendship will lead to pointing out the responsibilities of others.