MoonBlog 53.1 Accumulation

About “Your Perfect Match With Human Design

Are you seeking to date a person or a map?

This has been tried and tried, and each time the mind falls for it, and fills up with the eager seeking and then always bleed out…
Using Human Design for dating is the best example of our minds desire to control life and live in the illusion of make-ability/ manufacturability syndrome (maakbaarheids syndroom)

You see this also in the HD sex group, mindfucking charts

You meet someone, in whatever way and you apply S&A each, regardless of what the chart says, or does not say. Correctness going in and out of relationships is the key, not if the paper says ‘have some fun’ and then follow this as your authority and giving up your own.

If you ever had one…

Gate 53 of beginnings, development.
Development as a structured progression that is both steadfast and enduring.

Gate 53 Line 1 Accumulation
Exalted: The dissolution of old forms but not at the expense of valued components that will be retained and transformed. The pressure to begin something new, not from scratch but based on the foundation of the old.
Detriment: Development hampered by criticism and the tendency to withdraw rather than make use of these experiences. The difficulty in starting something new because of the criticism that accompanied the old.