MoonBlog 45.2 Consensus

So, another Human Design Teacher described FaceBook as a whole, and HD groups in particular as the not-self world to me the other day. This got me to contemplate my role (t)here, again.

Because I realize these groups are devoid of true HD information, of what it is, and means, to live your design, properly. And yes even if your daily life looks different than mine, or yours, and yours too, the construct of it does not change, Strategy and Authority is not different in the framework of it. How openness works is not different. So I do my best to reply whenever I see or think something is off, when it is either diluting HD or if it is the complete opposite of what HD is, and yes, to me, this includes any kind of ritual, or using anything external for temporary relief, and any and all homogenization.

The comments I get in private and some of the likes from people who are experimenting for a while with HD is helpful. The comments from those that (usually) have not, is incredible. Hurtful even as they gang up, and pound and pound about the tone, about the ‘spirit’ of it, about who I supposedly am as a person, how offended they themselves are by my words about the content they have posted, about -what- they have said. Calling names, shouting and cursing in private messages, giving all kinds of moral pressures of their own frustration and anger, of which I am indeed the trigger but not the cause.

It is not my fault you never learned to communicate, never had any one say: “No, what you just said is untrue in my world and here is why”. And then is unable to deal with that and just gets into a fit and rage. And get all personal about you instead. And then 3 or 5 or 7 others join in with the same bullshit, convinced as they are, feeling empowered by the same stupidity, by the same beliefs.

And not once considering how this holding on to these old beliefs is the reason for their own suffering, for their own anger, for their failed outlook on life. This new age belief of make-ability of needing to be love, of needing to meet love only, for life to succeed, to feel better. And here are tools to feel better. not -be- better, no, -feel- it, perceive it, live in the illusion of feeling better. When year after year even being in groups as these, the suffering continues, and oozes out in the reactions, to people like me. To and about Human Design.

This is wrong, that is wrong, this is not right, the tone is not what I expect of someone so long in HD, you should be more emphatic, all these conditions for any kind of interaction, and therefor a complete closedness to the other, let alone -what- the other actually says. Conditions to the how, the what and the whom, all of it. And then huddle together in private conversation comforting each other in the same-ness of the opposition to the big bad world out there, and this supposed us as victims, can’t be anything else.

You want to talk to me about anything, go right ahead, please do. You want to talk about my Human Design even, yeah, sure, why not. You want to talk to me about my tone, about your conditions for any conversations, you seek to pressure me to change? Not ever. No.

Just as several of you bitch and moan about the atmosphere in the group, about as many people complain to me about you, the ones that complain IN the group ! You have no idea how ridiculed you are for all your bitching and complaining about tone, about your conditions, about your beliefs. But I understand completely why none of them speak up to this angry pack of false animals in here, that speak with double tongues, this way when they agree with you, but quite another when they don’t.

As if disagreement, in a group of exchange no less, is NOT allowed!

No where does it say this, but every conversations every exchange is inspected for and then held up to this unwritten rule. Even when someone is specifically asked for their input, so the person asking knows what to expect, and seeks it out, it is measured and talked down upon.

This HD group, Human Design Reflectors, is by far the most horrible group to be in. The biggest sandbox full of toddlers on the whole of FaceBook! Have you seen toddlers in a sandbox? They don’t play nice, and argue with view points, and words, and trying to understand what the other speaks of. No they come up to you and grab your toy, that someone was quietly playing with and push you if need be. Incredible arrogant egocentric little monsters, demanding, loud, shouting, emotional blackmailing, without a clue or consideration for the actual consequences. Only me, me, me. But no, it is all the fault of the one saying: “Hey, what the actual fuck !?”

Rant out.

MoonBlog 45.2
Gate 45 of the gatherer, gathering together. The natural and generally benificial attraction of like forces.
Gate 45 Line 2 Consensus. Gathering together is strengthened by acknowledged common interest.
Exalted: The inventiveness to establish techniques by which common ground can be assessed. A material direction through the expression of techniques for the benefit of others.
Detriment: An innate rebellion against conformity. The refusal to accept the material techniques of others.