a not so Human Design soap

so (carefull, mansplaining here!) the title of the book ‘How to fuck a woman’s brains out’ to me means, to be so devoted to loving your partner -mind, body and soul- that she has no more desires left. That you have cared and catered for her so much, that she says: “thank you, I’m fine.”

Which is what I indeed try to do. And it is a big task, because I’m just a man, and to go that far is not easy. But the journey there is freaking awesome, and incredibly entertaining. No misogyny anywhere.

And one could go all bananas with my open centers and say: “see there, is not-self of him, in this center, that gate, ooh look at the color here.” Great.
Let’s begin with the close read and break-down of the comments on this feuilleton, after these screencaps:

Tanja Seabreeze: What?

-Yeah same thing what I said!

Birgitte West: Yup…you are seeing this right…nothing wrong with your eyes… I finally pulled the trigger on this one. I’m not just basing my decision to speak out, upon finding this, very telling website post for ‘HDS relationship counseling’, but on much more that I can’t even all post here… sick of seeing thissexist bully not only being protected but also promoted as such an amazingly awake and knowledgeable HDS ‘professional” (especially by a few who run groups, have a huge audience and had been given more knowledge about him but chose to ignore it. This is far from some silly act of revenge.. I truly care about what traps esp. women may be about to step in and waste a whole lot of time, trying to make sense of things. I know from experience, that much grief could have been spared from me, if even just ONE had said something (not just here online with HDS). In short, I got tired of keeping quiet… although some have tried to make me feel like I have a problem… sounds familiar? Yes… just because one claims to know about HDS and has dropped thousands of $$ on courses,and writes smart-sounding HDS stuff, it doesn’t make one a great resource let alone ‘enrichment’ for the HDS community (and telling everyone;; HDS is not personal is BS too… people, who, make it personal of course)… I am posting it here and not in the HDS groups… we all know what happens there… Anyway, I think it’s time, to stop playing it safe, as women be all smiles and hearts in order to not rock the boat/ to keep pleasing everyone etc. etc. Stop dancing around everything and take names! I have hesitated a long time, but today was the day..already wasted a lot of time mansplaning perhaps but what the hey — no more time for bullshit(ters) ??

-the tone is set

Tanja Seabreeze: Wow, this is some crazy bs. What the heck. Who is this person? I think I once posted in a group that some people treat hd like dogma…lol…
Is this a Dutch person?
In a projector group? I’m terrible with remembering names… lol
I was also more curious like 3 years ago.

– yeah lol indeed

Birgitte West: Yikes I removed some comments…and yes it’s Sjef, who is from Holland 🙁 and he is a reflector and seems to be active in many groups..

– is, not seems, is.

Maya MacLachlan: #5-1life. You can’t express your opinion without being burnt at the stake. But hey “nobody asked you projector”… this is just the way it works. Doesn’t mean you’re wrong Brigitte.

-Doesn’t? How so?

Glenda Alchemy: Oh I though it was satire….. on investigation it isn’t….. and they have another book out as well…… and the reality is there are loads of people held up as amazing in HD who do not know wtf they are talking about, I very rarely say anything on any HD threads, the level of agro in the hd ‘community’ leaves me cold, not interested………. and why is this on a HD blog???

– Well, why not, life is life. Your own online publications are a fine mix of everything you encounter as well. 360 Degree Awareness and all that, great stuff. Maybe/perhaps take some of your own medicine, what was that: “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.“? Ow, yeah and see my previous comment here: MoonBlog 9.3

Birgitte West: …because he is crazy!! I am amazed by what praises he gets for all over… well not quite true…there are many who see it too and have unsubscribed from the groups where all this bs goes on and on and on… oi I hope more will decide to unfriend me who are offended.. ??

-Yes, create your own meaning and purpose here now, in standing up to someone who told your arrogant ass off 4 years ago, so now you can identify with that. Excellent points and reasons 🙂

Birgitte West: No one has to ask me here…this is my timeline… anyone who still doesn’t appreciate me, after all these years, after all I have contributed to the HDS community…well F them. I am so tired of playing nice… while some of these guys (especially this lunatic) can do whatever he wants… someone just posted (and then removed….great!!) that I should just ‘stop’ posting negative things about others to make myself powerful== haha I bet if I were a guy, the response would have been very different…

-yes if a monkey was a donkey…

Maya MacLachlan: I know, I saw it. Such shit. I have had plenty of first hand experience with him and I’m glad you have said something.

-ah, hello Maya, ex-girlfriend, good of you to chime in.

Birgitte West: Maya MacLachlan You are far from alone in this Maya!

-Oh oh ‘all smiles and hearts’ coming up !

Maya MacLachlan: Birgitte West I am not shocked by that at all. I wasn’t ready in my process at all to talk about it before.

-talk about what, exactly? Please, -do- elaborate…

Birgitte West: Wow…was just about to mention it… wasn’t ready to do it either, have on occasion one-on-one, but almost all, made me feel I was the one who was just ‘too bothered’ or something… I have bit my tongue for years about these things… I know now, I can’t do it anymore… I can take a whole lot of shit, but today, I feel it was correct… because it’s not just for me any longer… thanks for the acknowledgement… this, with this particular individual, is, obviously a rather glaring and crude indication/example of what does go around in the FB HDS online community… too many males (not all of course, there are many who are wonderful and who do have other’s best interest in mind), who want to put themselves forward as the real authorities while some women never are taken very seriously… (especially newer people).., but anyway… it’s not about me… I’m hardly ever looking at the groups anymore, and never sought any followers…. not my thing… I’m just posting some HDS stuff now on another profile but it’s really for self study and reflection… but I am a 3/5, motivation Guilt and I have learned a thing or two about some of the dangers with these kinds of self proclaimed guru’s… when you’re new(er) to HDS you are really hungry for knowledge and you search for good people to help you; you want to trust to be guided in the right direction(s).. Well, I feel great, having let this out… not feeling one ounce of regret 😉

-Yeah, I know how it feels, no regrets here either.

Maya MacLachlan: Birgitte West awesome. It feels correct to me too. No stress. I’m glad somethings been said. It’s been over 4 years for me processing what went down between me and him. Anyway. Thanks for sharing love xxx

-Getting more and more curious, what went down. Still no actual information though…

Maya MacLachlan: I’m 5-1 emotional projector. It all takes time


Birgitte West: Love ya!! and ha…same here…4 years ago too pretty much.. and he was a ‘FB friend’ here… and from my native country… disgusting betrayal aside from that… multiple times in public, made everyone think he ‘knew’ something about me etc. etc…. and NO ONE asked what was going on!! Never an apology of course… well anyway… I know I see for what he is/what he is doing… but more so, I know that I had to do the right thing… glad that you and perhaps a few others find some solace in this <3 That’s all I could have hoped for (if I was a hoper lol).

-Betrayal! 😀 Aren’t you born in Germany? Cause I’m Dutch. Yes, well, Hope is your Transference if you said Guilt is your Motivation a few comments back… But yeah being in HD is a road you take alone, which is a hard lesson when getting into. I like people being honest, having been lied to so much, or just people taking the piss behind my back. Now I admit, from 2009 till 2014 I was harsh on FB, I am not saying I was not. And some people really ask for it, just like you think I do now 🙂 Lovely ‘smiles and hearts’ btw

Maya MacLachlan: I had a relationship with him for a year! ? that’s how naive I was.

-I can understand it is a little blurry with you smoking pot and drinking alcohol every day back then, but it was 1 year and 7 months. But yeah not naive now eh?

Holly McKay: So true what you say about all those male authorities too!!! Damn girl, speak it!

-But we’re not, unless you allow and grant us to be one! It’s like me riding motorbikes and someone else isn’t, and then saying: why does he get to do all fun stuff!? Well because he is smart, that’s why.

Maya MacLachlan: I’m glad you’re getting it off your chest love.

-Yes, me too (no hashtag)

Birgitte West: Maya MacLachlan Wow… I didn’t know that…. but SOOO you really do know! So this is good then… just woke up and knew, I had no personal stake anylonger…total clarity! And very very interesting then for all of us!! If you want, we can talk sometime in private too… I have had my share of difficult (to overcome) relationships with questionable people lol… all made me stronger, but not always having anyone to talk to, who can relate, made it all more difficult…

-I got nothing, no comment here, great.

Birgitte West: Please — anyone who is offended by me posting this offensive post by this guy — unfriend me ASAP… I don’t give a flying #$% about my ‘reputation’ within the “HDS community”!

-Me, me, me!
But also, if you’re speaking the truth, why care about your reputation, at all…? Not giving ‘a flying #$%’  is actually a lot of fucks given already…

Holly McKay: Thanks for sharing all this Birgitte, and all those who speak up. I never had personal encounters, but found his arrogance incredibly irritating, especially in the early years so never paid much attention to him when I wasn’t silently telling him to fuck off in my head. I’ve noticed he’s softened in his comments recently, but I have no idea if that means anything.

-O yes, good point, I am incredibly irritating, to some. It’s true. Ah yes, ‘if it means anything’ good luck with those kind of questions. But, granted, usually it means I don’t give a crap anymore.

Birgitte West: Means nothing… he just invested boatloads of money in his HDS education (so there’s this…protection he gets from there ;)) and now it’s time to cash in… better act nice now because being an ass doesn’t bring in any customers!

-Nothing, but wait, then something. Huh, protection!!?? Wait, what!? Oh no, I’m still an asshole to anyone who I perceive is one too; Reflection (tadaa). Ok and Gate 26, I’ll admit. *<|:o)
But yeah Jovian and IHDS is an organization with a tight nit community where we all come together and sing Kumbaya, and discuss how to protect one and other, wearing aluminum foil hats. Like totally…

Holly McKay: Sounds accurate. Geezus girl, this is important stuff.

-Insert somewhere between a wry smile and puzzled face emoticon here

Maya MacLachlan: He’s probably speaking softly because he’s getting loads of positive attention so he’s happy.. for now. Till he hears about this.

-“shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits” (George Carlin)

Birgitte West: lol… bring it on!! I have blocked him here a long time ago… but not via my other profile… I just observe mostly there now

-Not anymore…

Maya MacLachlan: Birgitte West oh cool that’s really good to know.

-Yeah, I thought so too! smiles and hearts!

Maya MacLachlan: Although he has spies but fuck it all. Divine feminine is surely on the rise!!! ✊

-Can I do a Sacral uh-huh here?

Maya MacLachlan: It’s been a tough 4 years. I have studied myself sooooo hard because I always want to take responsibility for myself and my feelings and I always felt guilty and worried that I was ‘blaming’ him for how I felt. But he treated me like absolute shit and like a toy and my transference is guilt so I could have trusted that but didn’t really understand how transference worked at the time. Anyway I have certainly learnt a lot… about me and about narcissists.

-It’s funny that just 3 days ago I was going over our conversations, especially the ones of you breaking up with me and the ones after. Fascinating stuff. But, please, -do- elaborate, how I ever used you as a toy. Back your words up! How you not left me after another sleepless night with booze and pot, just like that, stone cold with vague explanations saying you should explain more but never did. I seriously thought you had fucked your pot dealer but dared not tell me, and just left me to avoid the confrontation and truth of that.
But even more remarkable, is reading those 2 links below about narcissism and assholes, I come to see you are the narcissist, and still are! The drama always revolves around you! And let’s not forget this one:
The denial of the defined Solar Plexus, and the open diversion of blame to the other.

Birgitte West: I can imagine… although it all played out ‘only’ online with him, it was a tough thing to go through, especially since it was rather early on in my ‘HDS experiment’ — it was definitely a test for me in standing my ground — good thing I never questioned that HDS was for me… but I wondered how others, who weren’t quite so determined, would have fared… It was not my first rodeo with this type of person… had a similar experience in aura with another system/organization and a guy who manipulated people, mainly women in similar ways… the most amazing thing was how, there too, most everyone was too afraid to speak out about it… very cunning….and often, so sublte, and that makes it so dangerous… hey we all have seen how the women were treated at first who tried to speak out about Harvey Weinstein; this now IS the time where we need to have the courage to get more real and be honest with ourselves, first and foremost.

-I thought you were smart when I noticed you online, and was looking forward to some interesting conversations. I love people who can bring some depth. But you chose to be offended, and block me, and be disgruntled for probably well 4 years and now finally, at long last think you ‘got me’, have ‘pulled the trigger’. If only I had pom-poms I’d root for you!

Birgitte West: ….oops wasn’t ready to hit enter… but, of course, many won’t see any of it this way… but I do… and I/we have a right to speak about what matters to us!


Maya MacLachlan: To anyone else who might be reading this: you’re invited to ask me anything about this if you have questions. I am fully aware that I’ll be projected upon for letting myself be vulnerable in a semi public space by sharing this personal stuff but I’m driven to because of how he conducts himself “professionally”. He forced some very misleading information on me and really put me down. I don’t recommend paying for that.

-I do ! Please 3000 words or more on anything and -everything- that you think has happened. Both personally and professionally. I can take it, waiting to hear something truthful from you since the day I met you. Oh wait, is my enthusiasm putting someone down too?

Maya MacLachlan: I’ve studied with good people like Leela and Dharmen and John Martin and Mary Anne winneger. I recommend them.

-Me too (no hastag)

Birgitte West: …I have had excellent readings from John Yuill/Genetic Matrix and for all my Dutch friends…. I highly recommend Denys Goossens…and there are many great others as well… anyone reading this, feel free to also contact me with anything you’d like to inquire about through pm.

-Shucks, I cant, blocked…

Yana Meerstadt: o Maya, weren’t you his girlfriend? I remember seeing you on his page….

-Here comes trouble… 🙂

Glenda Alchemy: I just realised that he’s a classic narcissist, expert level gaslighting and they love to prey on empaths and HD attracts quite a few of those, as they are looking for help to deal with being an empath and end up finding a narcissist

-Yes adding ‘classic’ to it makes it sound more legit, cause we have an expert in the room now… But now I’m doubting my own sanity, are you gaslighting me Glenda? However, yes, I admit, I can not possibly deny, to have some narcissism in me, or coming out of me. But Glenda, what’s your excuse? Reading links: Narcissist or A**hole? Know the Difference and: Why We Need to Stop Throwing the ‘Narcissist’ Label Around

Maya MacLachlan: Yep

-Confirmation bias?

Birgitte West: YES you are absolutely right Glenda..and thanks for being such a strong voice yourself….really really appreciate you and all you share! I have found, through my life’s experiences with this type of personality; if you study how they operate, your eyes open up to all the crap that goes on in this world… you have to name it or it’ll destroy you… I knew (and was ready) for the potential shitstorm this would cause… but we have to be ready…this is just the beginning and nothing in comparison to what is going to unfold in the very near future…speak now or forever hold your tongue…kind of feeling for me…

-No I think you can always speak up, whenever you actually are ready. No need to pressure anyone to do similar as you or when you are finally ready to do so also. Remembering the LYD manual:
“Defined Ego/Heart Unhealthy State: Pumped up ego with expectations that everyone around them will be like them. Puts pressure on others to prove them-selves and keep promises. Being too forceful.”
Yeah sounds about right.

Glenda Alchemy: I think the HD dogma that a reflector is just showing you your Self is very dangerous, I had a reflector in a LYD many years ago, and boy where they a piece of work, and their energy was blerk, and I kept thinking, okay is this me? The other participants where struggling with this yucko energy. At the end of day 1 my assistant said how amazing it was that I handled this person as my assistant wanted to kill them…… my 3rd line really got that it had nothing to do with me, or anyone else in the room, it was the reflectors own rubbish…… that said one of my close friends is a reflector who is truly divine……

-O wait, now it’s about being a Reflector all of a sudden, nice twist of topic there. But yeah, Reflectors come in all kinds, just like all the other Types too. So yeah great story but am I missing the actual point? Or can we simply now say: “if you don’t like a Reflector or their Reflections, it is not you, it’s them”?

Maya MacLachlan: Bless you for making that point so beautifully clearly Glenda. I didn’t know how to say that xxx


Maya MacLachlan: Enough is enough. Good night ladies xxx

-Color me surprised! 😀 Jay, enough is enough, goodnight !

Birgitte West: Sleep well dear…. I’m going to stop now too… but very glad we talked…. continue later 🙂

-oh oh?

Yana Meerstadt: Glenda Alchemy thank you for your opinion….being a Reflector myself, and knowing this “man” very well, there are many labels you could put on him….but in this environment I would only say, he is not acting like a Reflector….he was also at the first Reflector retreat with Nisarg, in Italy, and so was I, and he has caused a lot of damage to a whole stream of women…..especially Reflectors….he is just not mentally sound, Reflector or not….he also comes from a very very poor background, so has no good role model(s)….he was given most of the material he uses from HD. or “exchanges” ….he even tried to get my software from my computer, when he “helped”” me with …..do not get me talking about this person, I could write a book about him

-Think you know very well… Write the book, and be sued for it 🙂 😀

Yana Meerstadt: his mother was a “public” woman….

-Yes bring in the dead prostitute mother, why not? Btw tell us more about my dead dad too, he must have been quite a character too, no? Lemme get a snack and get all cosy in my jammies on the couch!
btw, both my younger and older sister say ‘Hi!’, but they don’t look too happy

Birgitte West: Thanks for your comments here Yana, you know him better than most….thanks for validating what many here have had to deal with — validation is good (what most just never got from anyone here…omg the HDS blablabla excuses from mostly men — it’s been unreal…anyway… and about is mother….yeah well that explains a lot…. his disdain, disrespect for women most definitely :(p

-No she does not know me better than most, she knows what she saw and what I told her, but that is just a smidgen of what it is to be me. I have no respect for anyone, until you show it to me. Yes this is partly due to my conditioning, or life, you know, the thing you kinda go through by being alive. So yeah, show me your depth and I’ll acknowledge it. Show me your lack of depth and I’ll notice that too, and openly talk about it. It’s just what I do. That is my point of discrimination.

Robert Pedersen: I know nothing about this guy, but the title of his book and ad copy are well…I suppose it may appeal to certain people…

-Yes, isn’t it fun? 🙂 But how about a nice cup of shut the fuck up, Robert?

Andrea Goodsaid It was not written by Sjef near as I can tell (unless that’s a pen name) – it’s quoted from the book.


Yana Meerstadt: I have blocked him ages ago…..sorry to say, but he is not mentally fit….he told me so himself, and that he is unfit to work (after being examined by the State, so he now gets a state “pension”

-Actually you’re in my block list, so technically not correct, I can make a screencap if you want. Point for me, “and he scoooores, jaaaay!!” It’s true, in 2010 they finally came with a diagnosis for not being fit to run along the 7 centered world, finally a label cause they were pining for one ever since I was 16-ish. It’s called: ‘tendencies to autism’ Which in one way is saying: “it’s a boy.” Hoorraay! 🙂 Just like with women one can say: ‘bipolar tendencies’ And yeah, so I have a case of autism, in some cases this bugs me and the people I interact with more, and sometimes less. Hope no-one starts calling me a sign of Raves now…

Robert Pedersen: Wow…
No wonder that ad copy seemed a little out there!

-Not following, what do you mean? Say you don’t mean the back cover text that I quoted there… Wondering about what?

Birgitte West: ….had heard this before….that he had actually said so himself…in the past

-Yep, cause it’s true too

Yana Meerstadt: AND he has NOT spent loads of money, because he does not have any……..he is just getting it from others….even putting wool over the eyes of well meaning people

-It’s normal practice that if someone pays you, for say doing a session, that you can then freely spend that money. Maybe buy sammiches, maybe a nice toy, or spend it on courses. Right now I borrowed 2400 euros to do PTL1, and paying this one person back 50 euros a month. So yeah I have little money, but I spend it where I want. The other day I bought a waterproof trimmer to shave my dick and balls for when I want more of that kinky sex like they have in the book that this topic started with. I hope no one objects…

Birgitte West: ….why does that not surprise me…while still wanting to appear as a Jovian spokesperson, leading others to buy their expensive materials. — hypocritical…..wonder if he took his courses for free too; did he even?

-If I am anything, then I am a spokesperson for Human Design, not for any .org or .com, and I tell you where you can get what I deem is the answer to a question. Free or paid for, not my issue. Not selling or even upselling anyone. However as stated on my website: “As a 4th line I witness myself become more fundamental over the years and have come back full circle to the teachings of its first messenger: Ra Uru Hu, and those Professionals and former students of him that use his teachings as the absolute core for their own experiment.”

Yana Meerstadt: yes, in exchange for his “services” like the reflector retreat with Nisarg, he offered to do the sound, and so he got to go for free and even got paid on top of that, and the car he came in, he made a deal with some sinister “haagse boys” ….so, forever being on the edge….

-Actually she asked me to help organize it, so I came one week early and stayed a little after too, and we did, I helped with some of the logistics, although she had already done most of the local things, and I helped with the website, and setting up Paypal and so on. You know like a good assistant would.

Wait wait, taking a short break here, cause damn, so much comments to get into. Is everybody reading this, good? Anyone wants something to drink, a snickers perhaps? Ok back to it 🙂

So because I went ‘above and beyond’ including giving a free Lunar Cycle workshop, I diligently recorded all sessions, and so she also gave me some money afterwards, yes. I think I came home with 100 euros more, than with what I left, honest to Jupiter. The car I came in, was mine, well ok, co-owned, I had bought it together with my neighbor, who lived upstairs. So we shared the running costs of owning one. I can’t say he never stole any candy in his younger years, but this is a hardworking Manifestor who has never taken drugs, he does smoke tobacco and maybe once seen him drink a beer, and never has done anything illegal. So I just hope this isn’t the onset of Alzheimer there Yana…

Yana Meerstadt: he did jailtime as well, in France, that is why he speaks french…

-C’est vrai. It’s also why I proofread and edit this wonderful book: Manuel Introductif au Design Humain

Yana Meerstadt: he lived in a community house (more a pigsty) and just waited until they bought him out, cause they wanted to tear it down and rebuild, so he got 5000 euro out of that and than moved in, into a very new project…all on gov.’s money….the 5000 he spent on going to the Osho ashram, iso visiting his than girlfriend in the US, as he had promised….

-I simply lived there for about 13 years, until they came out asking if we would leave cause even though we paid roughly 750 euros in rent (excluding the extra gas, electrics and water bills) a month for the whole building, they did not want to pay for the upkeep of it. And being just over 100 years old and neglected for about 20 years, they chose to tear it down instead. As they were bound by law to offer this amount of moving money, everyone gets this (which you know) in such cases. And it was just a bunch of people who sometimes became friends and sometimes not, with 5 individual households, not a community at all, and yes it was a little dirty. So yeah I found a new place, where I live now for roughly 6 years. And you know what, the others still live in that house, I was the only one that moved. I went to Puna India for about 3 months indeed, however I could never have promised to go to my then girlfriend Ada, because of my French conviction for drugs, I’m not allowed into the US. Everyone knows this, and it is why she visited me, and we visited you for Christmas. So that promise can never have been made, not Alzheimer again is it? But also, I went to Puna in June 2011 which I paid for by the sale of my motorbike which was a remnant of my own small business in computer support and I got the money for moving house in December 2012 which I used to paint the walls and ceiling of the new digs, got vinyl laid and finally a nice Ikea Kivik 3 seater couch, so another fluke of your memory, I do hope someone looks after you these days with all these issues… Because with Birgitte, you know, we can sort of agree to disagree, even if she’s on this kind of misguided vendetta journey, fine. But you, you really just make false stuff up, and twist stories around.

Birgitte West: Yana Meerstadt: haha… what a movie…yes…sinister Haagse boys… I know this type very well 😉

-Do tell us more, please 🙂

Yana Meerstadt: well,Iknew about them…but now I know them…

-Haagse bluf?

Yana Meerstadt: he got most of his stuff free from Lippy(who got it free from Ra)

-Well that is a funny story, he gave me a 4Gb USB stick indeed, which I still have not looked at (!!) And now just over 10 years into HD I have about 160Gb worth of HD data, so yeah, no… And I would not believe Lippy on his (whatever color) eyes how he got that data though… But that’s just me…

Birgitte West: ….not surprising in the least… and exchanging stuff is one thing.. can argue for that BUT to portray himself as an HDS exemplary authority, sucking up to Jovian/IHDS etc. that’s just the kind of hypocrisy that should also be addressed….can’t stand it!!

-You know what’s funny in that, there is no sucking up to them, only the contents of your words count, not if you’ve been a good girl/boy. They just don’t seem to operate like that. And I don’t think we’d be a good match, which I’m totally down with. If they were to have A Reflector within the organisation, and someone of my caliber (yeees) it would run much more efficient. Not a salespitch, promise 😉

Birgitte West: Yana Meerstadt the HDS mascotte lol

-Are we talking about furry fandom now? You know when you dress up like a furry animal and have sex in costumes?

Yana Meerstadt: yes, adressed by who though….

-No clue, no comment

Birgitte West: By doing it here, like this now is something… all this shit needs to come to the surface…

-Yes ! Hear hear !

Yana Meerstadt: yes, in the past, I kept quiet about it….but now it just pours out of me…..

-No you haven’t 😀

Birgitte West: Yana Meerstadt ….same here…. I grew up with and have had many a sociopath in my direct environment…all ultimately to survive and align myself with my true self… in the end, the bubble simply bursts under the pressure and you have got to let it out…let the chips fall where they may… not really my concern after that…. soooo all in all I’d say: het hek is van de dam 😉

-Sure is !
But also, supposedly I’ve had bad role models and this is why you say I am this or that. But surrounded by sociopaths and you did not become one, and came out unaffected? Now that is a miracle…

Birgitte West: Thanks for everyone’s courage by chiming in here! I have only received one negative comment, which was promptly removed by the person… she said something about, me ‘putting someone down in order to feel more powerful myself’ lol… how ironic…. but yeah… I do feel more self-empowered — by not holding it in any longer… I did not expect anyone, let alone so many to chime in and share their own experiences here… thanks for that…on my HDS page/profile we spoke a lot about ‘honest expression, speaking as oneself and what that means… this was the inevitable, natural and honest result coming out of that… let’s tell our truth(s)… it’s time to stop playing all these games for the sake of some sort of non-existing ‘community’ out there that doesn’t have any interest in your individual self-empowerment.

-Yes your truth, not -the- truth. Yes finally you stop playing games, wow, what took you so long?

Diana Twardzik McLaughlin: Wow! So glad this is coming out in the open. I was recently private messaged by Sjef . We are not friends on FB. So it seemed kinda odd.

Diana Twardzik McLaughlin: He knew I was a manifestor…

-That is another funny story there Diana, glad you brought it up, we were friends on Facebook in the period I was on from 2009-2014, not sure how long we were friends then, but you were more active in posting and commenting in groups then. When I came back on FB I did not run and get all my old ‘friends’ back, I just waited to see who’d show up. Now I’m not 100% certain cause May 9th this year I did not think we would have this conversation, but I’m convinced you made me a friendship request. And only then we started talking. Screencaps for those curious…
And when I read these 2 comments of yours and wrote to you: “wait, what?” you quickly blocked my messages and unfriended me.

Birgitte West: He is drumming up business….I hear that now from several women ….that he is contacting them privately sounding all charming and shit…

-Yeah I’m a smooth talker alright, mesmerizing everyone, what is this fairytale !!?

Birgitte West: I’m not expecting any contacting from him… oh I’ve blocked him 😉

-Yeah, no, safe from the sidelines, not plain out in the open. Pok-pok-pokok (chicken)!
You manipulate people into submission and when they don’t accept you start fighting them. There are better hobbies out there I’m sure

Diana Twardzik McLaughlin: I’m guessing he thought I needed his help or he could prey upon me. He contacted me because he had heard I was shamed and blamed by a few in a women’s manifestor group. But once he learned I wasn’t weak, that yes these women did blame and shame but that was their issue not mine, that was that .

-Often when someone friends me, they’re all nice and friendly, and because I’m a 4/6 I have a conversation with them, cause if they don’t they’re out of there lickety-split because you’re either in my network of friends, or you’re not, I have no dead weight in my friends list. So often enough they have to run somewhere else, appointment whatever, and then tell me to come back to the conversation later, and then they don’t. Why, because they sized me up, not the other way around. Guess what you did…? 🙂

Yana Meerstadt: careful….he does not discriminate….f.i. I am the age of his parents….and once when I visited him, to discuss some HD….he said: stop fiddling with your skirt….you are turning me on…..

-To be warned for not discriminating, one can never win 🙂 But also, with all your NLP training, your many years with Tony Robbins and also Landmark (for which you tried to recruit me), you are far from being an innocent bystander, just as you are not one now. You are clearly an active agent of misinformation.
And yes, can not deny it, it happened. I was already horny and single and we have 12-22 and 14-2 as electromagnetics (and some others) unsure what the Transits were like, but yeah, I would have fucked you, probably. Good thing I stopped you, you little cougar/minx 🙂

Birgitte West: Wow…yes it’s true they do not discriminate..trying to hit you where you — in his mind — may be most vulnerable… a really disgusting game… he did it with me too…online.. no doubt he had studied my chart… and also knew who might be my ‘friends’ — also to see/hoping who would drop me, withdraw their friendship etc. etc.

-I did all that? Wow, fascinating. BULLSHIT.

Yana Meerstadt: oh Birgitte, I am sorry…but just know you re not the only one….

-Countless! (cause none)

Yana Meerstadt: he came back on FB after one year, but before I knew it, he was back to his old ways, so I told him off and blocked him again, for good….

-Same story, not true, screencaps for proof, repetition does not make a truth.

Yana Meerstadt: and I know that he gives readings for money….people do not seem to mind who he is as a person….he has portrayed himself as THE expert on the Reflector and the mooncycle….and it seems to work….

-Ja I’m so happy for them, that it works, they actually got rid of this horrible confusion about what the Lunar Cycle actually is. Good thing I split it up in the two parts it actually consists of, now it is easier to explain, and to understand. Happy, happy joy, joy.

Yana Meerstadt: and uh, btw, he is not the only one…..there is a Projector out there who more or less plays the same game….

-This was name calling, no more hiding, no more games, come on, out with it !

Birgitte West: Yah…it’s always odd when you see things clearly about people like that while others just don’t…don’t care what sort of person they get info from… I think it matters a great deal…to me anyway…

-I agree, it’s why I have this on my website: “However, I am not for everyone. You are not for everyone. We are each particularly unique. If you read some of my writings and sharing and happen to experience a drive to –not– connect, great. If you do experience a drive to connect, great, you are hereby invited, asked, informed and initiated to do so through the contact page.”

Birgitte West: Oh yes, this type of system, teaching attracts many who see it as a good way to manipulate others with their knowledge… it goes on everywhere…:(

-Victimization candy anyone?

Yana Meerstadt: he is mentioning you on his blog, have you seen it?

-Uh huh, I wrote it, rather proud of myself too

Birgitte West: Oh boy…. haven’t looked… haha….geez….just heard he must have spies here… someone got a weird message from him…

-‘wait, what?’ is not a weird message Diana. And yes spies everywhere, I pay them good too, I have a couple, some you won’t even know of.

Yana Meerstadt: yes, he has spies everywhere

-is that a nail in the wall or are you recording me?

Diana Twardzik McLaughlin: Yams, who is he mentioning?

-All of you <3

Birgitte West: In any case… I would rather have a small number of peeps with whom I can really talk and be myself with… who see me for who I am….the rest…pfft good riddens… if there are any left, here on my ‘friend list’ who are just here to gloat, and spy or whatever… shame on you… have enough self-respect and remove yourself is all I can say… may have to go over it again and do some more house cleaning here and perhaps on my other profile too…

-Oh no doubt you can be yourself everywhere, it’s just not very appealing now is it, this you-self? But wait, you wanted it out in the open, and now no one is allowed to ‘spy’, which is it?
But yeah, now you deleted a bunch of true friends in the wake of this, deeming they were not, a bit sad, but then again, maybe not 🙂

So yeah, Birgitte, Diana, Glenda, Holly, Maya, Robert, Tanja and Yana, thank you for this opportunity for my readers to get to know you all and me better 🙂

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Ow and yeah, how many of these conclusions have you expressed with these comments?

MoonBlog 26.1 (detriment)

Gate 26 of the egoist. The taming power of the great.
The maximization of the power of memory applied to the nurturing of continuity.

Gate 26 Line 1 A bird in the hand.
Exalted: The ability to enjoy the dreams engendered by accomplishment in order to avoid the delusion of unlikely potential. The ego which transcends limitation through dreaming.
Detriment: Accomplishment as a licence for foolhardy risk taking. The refusal of the ego to be satisfied.