MoonBlog 49.1 the law of necessity


in order to consider your request of removing all content regarding you, I will accept the following:

-unblock me on FaceBook first, by all your FB accounts/aliases.
-post an apology for smearing me, my name and my HD work falsely, be just as elaborate as you were smearing me, make this post public. A video message is acceptable too.
-Edit that specific smearing topic on your FB wall (do not delete it) to first make the post public, then to include the apology.
-write to all people you’ve written before complaining about me, like FB group admins and so on, with this public apology.
-Show me proof of all these.

The same applies for all others involved in that topic.

Then, I will take a full Lunar Cycle to consider your request.

Soap sequence here:

Moon Blog 49.1
49 Gate of Principles, Revolution
49.1 the law of necessity. Revolution has no support unless it is perceived as necessary.
Exalted: The understanding and application of this law to maximize expansion of support and thereby ensure viability. The awareness that the potential of a principle is based on it being accepted as viable.
Detriment: The misuse of influence, to insist that necessity can be created out of action. The ‘Helter Skelter’ syndrome. To commit acts of disorder as proof that disorder exists. Oversensitivity to rejection that can turn a principle into a crusade.