MoonBlog 60.5 leadership

Relevant to several FB HD groups: The convo about being bullied or not is a side issue but taking it away from the real issue, the cause for most of these arguments/discussions, where we no longer speak about HD but about how we speak about HD, and how we speak to each other:

Can you be in a group, where people have different ways of talking?

Do you seek to impose ways of communication on others? Like safe spaces and whatnot. Are you easily offended?

Do you argue the tone, and how it (supposedly) -feels- to you (which is thinking btw) what the other has said, but never intended.

Do you seek to manipulate your experiences of life and of conversations with others?

Are your decisions and opinions run by your arrogant mind in a group that seeks to support in moving away from that same mind?

Etc etc.

MoonBlog 60.5

Gate 60 of acceptance. Limitation. The aceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence.

Gate 60 Line 5 leadership

Exalted: The awareness that the destruction of the old limitations simply creates new ones. This results in behavioural patterns that demonstrate this understanding through actions and enhances leadership potential. The energy to handle a lifelong process of dealing with limitations.

Detriment: Where the natural desire for expansion, when limitations are essential, creates confusion from the top. Expansive energy that cannot handle limitations.