Moon Blog 29.4 Directness

Weirdos in the mail:

Weirdo: Hey
I’m a certified social media moderatore
I’m reporting you to facebook
I will report any comment I find abusive
based on my training as a modetator

Me: can I see the certificate?

you’re a bull

Moon Blog 29.4

Gate 29 of saying yes, the abysmal. The deep within the deep. Persistence despite difficulties has its inevitable rewards

29.4 Directness. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Exalted: The wisdom to use the simplest and most direct approach to solve difficulties. The power to commit oneself to the simplest and most direct process.
Detriment: Simplicity and directness all too often seen as inharmonic and aesthetically crude. The power of directness often offends others.