MoonBlog 63.5 affirmation

Weirdos in the mail

weirdo: “Removing my ability to comment or discuss my take on being a reflector highlighted to me the health of your group so I’ve kindly left. I wish you all healing xxx”

me: “I have done no such thing
I’m not the admin/mod there

but the about rules of that group are quite clear
there are no takes, only experiences. The rest is just mind fodder”

weirdo: “Mine was all experience x”

me: “Wishing healing is pretending something is wrong with those other people, making you a moralistic fascist
mirror mirror on the wall”

Gate 63 of doubt, after completion. In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings.
Gate 63 Line 5, affirmation.
Exalted: The authority and sincerity of purpose to pursue the same values in the new beginning that had allowed it to transcend the old. The understanding that doubts are necessary and of value.
Detriment: A tendency in triumph to pay lip service to such values, and given such leadership, these values will be reduced to nothing more than empty rituals. Doubting one’s very process despite understanding.