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Dear Sir/Madam,

You have been tested for the coronavirus by GGD Haaglanden. In this letter, you will find what you may expect now and what you will need to look out for.

Until you have the result
• Stay at home, do not go outside.
• Do not receive any visitors except for medical reasons (such as your GP or the GGD).
• Keep 1,5 meters distance between yourself and your roommates.
• Wash your hands regularly and cough or sneeze in your elbow.
• Make a list of people you have been in contact with in the past few days and note down their contact information.
• Make sure you can be reached by phone for the test result.

Everyone who has a fever and/or experiences respiratory complaints must stay home.
If you or someone else in your household has severe symptoms such as a fever and/or shortness of breath, then all members of the household have to stay home. This also applies if they do not have any symptoms themselves. Those who work in vital occupations may be exempted from this (discuss this with your employer).

We aim to have the test result available within 48 hours after the test
The test material is sent to a laboratory to be analysed.
The result of the test can be found on the website . You have to log in with your DigiD in order to see the result.

– If the result is negative, you are not infected with the coronavirus at the moment of testing. If you cannot see your result online then you will be called by the National Callcenter (note: it could be that you are contacted by an unknown number).
Are you a close contact of someone who has been tested positive? Then you have to remain in quarantine for ten days (counted from the last day of contact with this person), even if you have been tested negative. Unless the test was at least 5 days after the last (close) contact with this person and the test is negative. Then you can end your quarantine.
You are a close contact if you have been within 1,5 meters for longer than 15 minutes with someone or if there has been a high-risk exposure of shorter than 15 minutes (for example, coughing in someone’s face or direct physical contact such as kissing or hugging).
-If the result is positive then you are infected with the coronavirus. In this case, an employee of the contact-tracing team will contact you. They will do this as soon as possible. During this conversation they will discuss the measures which have to be taken. It is important that you and your roommates remain home. Isolate yourself from your roommates as much as possible.

In conclusion
We hope will you get well soon if you have been tested because you have health complaints. Do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact GGD Haaglanden via our information number 088-3550100 – available 7 days a week from 8.30 till 20.00. For more information see the website of the GGD: Additionally, you can find more information about corona on the website of the government:

Kind regards,
Team Infectious Diseases GGD Haaglanden