MoonBlog 3.4 charisma

To me, our world is real ugly
these ugly streets, the traffic, the endless traffic lights
those shitty houses, the even shittier tiny showers
in all countries I’ve seen
the only thing I enjoy, is the connection with other people
the interaction, they make it beautiful

Moon Blog 3.4

Gate 3 of ordering, difficulty at the beginning. The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order.
Gate 3 Line 4 charisma. Innate quality which attracts valued guidance.
Exalted: Physic attunement that magnetizes nurturing. A psychic energy which attracts nourishment and ensures ordering.
Detriment: Mars in detriment, where the demands of ego lead to rejection. Confused energy that needs nourishment but is generally rejected.