“Make statements of what you want around pertinent people.”

I have a hack for the Wait for the Invitation” dilemma. It works for me and I’m not the most patient. I like to have fun and have interesting experiences. Make statements of what you want around pertinent people. If there’s an invitation meant, it will flow forth. I throw a bunch of these out in the midst of people every day. I get lots of invitations and I get to pick. Good luck out there!

I’m feeling like a road trip…
I wonder what I can plan for my birthday
I’d love to hang out downtown
I’ve been considering a new career path…
I’ve just completed my certification for…

Stir the Invitation Pot and get ready for the fun. ?

only mind calls it a dilemma in the first place, and finds ‘hacks’ which are just manipulations
One can not feel like a Road Trip, one thinks it (feelings are hot, or cold, sensations)
considering is mind
love to, is thinking
wondering is thinking
and mind simply is never the Inner Authority.
Pretending to then choose over what mind has instigated/initiated, has no recognition, not even from yourself, let alone from others, it is triggering their not-self to appease yours. Shiiiiiiit