April 2023

I did a thing today

I deleted my Reflector Sessions webpage and blog access, Reflector Sessions Facebook page and its linked Baffo Instagram page

I no longer wish to be that ‘advertorial’ or using these as identifiers, of me, of what it is to be me.
It just does not matter (anymore) in this format or way.

I might rejuvenate the website with my MoonBlogs and the 2 Reflector pages, but as Sjef, not as some identity called ‘Reflector Sessions’.

MoonBlog 51.5

[edit] from 3422 to 0, back to 267 873 posts on blog now

an appearance, an identity, it weighed on me to keep it up or maintaining it as such. People are looking for (a) structured support, and I was providing that in this way. Seeking things to be businesses, schools, ‘professionals’, with registrations and certifications, tax deductible formats and whatever else.

But I’m just me, and that’s fine/enough.

If I do this now…

to observe the mind, through my undefined Root center with no activations.

If I do this now, then it is done, I don’t have to focus or worry about it anymore.

Mind, is doing all of that, both, the worrying and the not worrying, the false pretense in both situations.

Why does it worry so much about stuff anyways, whether done or not done. As it needs, seeks to park stuff, done → ok
not done → worry, or at least throw it in front of the minds/eye often enough.

Sure I don’t mind completing things/tasks, but this ego/mind seeks to do so only so it can let go of it, as it holds on to outcomes and progression, tallying, measuring, comparing. Control issues much?

MoonBlog 22.5
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Personal Health Syndrome (PHS)

In HD conversations, there seems to be this notion of, when you live your design, and when you apply your PHS then you will be healthiest.

But there are nuances, as always, just not in the conversations.

Recently my doctor emailed she’s going with her pension, and I’ve been with her since the beginning, 33 years ago. And before my Saturn return I’ve seen her maybe 5-6 times in about 11 years, of which I was abroad for 3 years. Since on the roof, about 5-6 times also in a period of 20 years, and since my kiron Return just 4 years ago, already a dozen times.

Something has definitely changed

And in my PHS reading, I was told and then reminded multiple times: ‘the mutation is not always successful” & “this roof phase is the healthiest for you, it will change”

So, yeah.

(MoonBlog 38.2)
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SunBlog 51.4 limitation

Weirdos in the mail

weirdo: Oi from Portugal

We are looking for our Human Design Conference 2023 by OPEN G colorful HD program with experienced HD people as co-creators – our event to connect for the first time will take place tomorrow wherever you want Human Design Café Sun April9th in honor of RA’s 75th – please join the Movement. HD is for Kids! Currently we have 15 speakers from the Human Design School Vienna participating. We hope to become even more international ❤️

Hennes 34-57 21-45

me: Oi?

looking for (what?), with experienced HD people as co-creators?

to connect, wherever you want?

there is a movement? what is this movement, what does it do, and what does it want by sending this message?

HD is for Kids! eeeeh yeah, ok

currently 15 participating, participating what, this vague movement, the thing today, what are they participating (with)?

we (is who, is what?) hope to become even more international.[heart] eeeehhh ja is that the goal of this message?

I’ve never seen a more hollow, phraseology filled message.
There is nothing to hook into, as it is super vague, and the sentences make no sense. Or it is simply very bad English?
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Human Design statistics

people sharing this (old) link talking about the differences with http://www.jovianarchive.com/Statistics bla


Making a chart every second is kinda nice, instead of per minute as others do.
but… -how many- people are born -per second- is not included.

If at one second 10 manifestors are born but at another second 100 Reflectors, it’s all off again 😉

Who is driving?

In HD we know the terminology of the Magnetic Monopole being the driver
and for me, especially after having done the 4 Transformations year training, I can see the concept of Driver, Vehicle and Passenger so much better.

But also, to see, who else is driving, all these variants of my mind. Wearing different hats.

When sex is driving
when money is driving
or the drive for money is, driving.

When need for recognition
for compliments
for acknowledgment
for likes
for pleasure
for good food
feel good
to feel better, is driving

with their little hats (… whatever 😉 ), and driving gloves, all purrdy and neatly dressed, up.
For driving.

The ego/mind, driving, for ego, for ego/mind. As an expression of itself, driving. Not the magnetic monopole driving, no. The ego/mind, almost like someone with Alzheimers’, doing something they did in the past, and ending up in the weirdest places, only to be brought home, by the cops.

It is such a show, such a drama, dramatic expression. Of ego/mind all dressed up, for driving, and then actually drive, completely out of place, yet driving as if it was correct. ‘Fake it till you make it’.

Oh and that it does 😀
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