Personal Health Syndrome (PHS)

In HD conversations, there seems to be this notion of, when you live your design, and when you apply your PHS then you will be healthiest.

But there are nuances, as always, just not in the conversations.

Recently my doctor emailed she’s going with her pension, and I’ve been with her since the beginning, 33 years ago. And before my Saturn return I’ve seen her maybe 5-6 times in about 11 years, of which I was abroad for 3 years. Since on the roof, about 5-6 times also in a period of 20 years, and since my kiron Return just 4 years ago, already a dozen times.

Something has definitely changed

And in my PHS reading, I was told and then reminded multiple times: ‘the mutation is not always successful” & “this roof phase is the healthiest for you, it will change”

So, yeah.

(MoonBlog 38.2)

Gate 38 of the fighter, opposition.
The ability to preserve individual integrity through opposition to detrimental forces
Gate 38 Line 2 Politness. Opposition that does not transgress normal codes of behaviour.
Exalted: The value of discretion. The energy for the intuitive awareness for discretion.
Detriment: An over-politeness that is both servile and obviously superficial and defeats its very
purpose. The energy for over-politeness in times of struggle.