Today the feeling has passed somewhat, but over the last weeks, if not months I get this incredible sense of depression, when I think about how we are living on this Earth. How societies operate, that we all need to make some money to live, and most of people, just barely scrape by.

Does not matter if you live in France, or in Thailand, USA, the Congo, Morocco. This notion of humanity and evolution and technological advances, hampered, and interrupted, by this constant need for just the basic needs, barely. Again and again and again.

How even if here in the Netherlands, almost everyone got a 10 percent increase/raise, it was called for cause the prices had already increased by more. Even if everyone would get say 200-400 bucks a month more, the market would immediately adjust for sucking up the difference.
It is, however unintentional, rigged.

Of course this was triggered by my own shaky financial situation, which is now a bit more stable once again, but as a Reflector looking at yours; my friends, my loved ones, my network and far far beyond, I feel really fucking down and depressed.

Wanted to let you know, somehow, I see and it hurts.

MoonBlog 9.3

Gate 9 of focus. The taming power of the small.
Potential can be fulfilled through detailed attention to all pertinent aspects

Gate 9 Line 3 The straw that breaks the camel’s back. The overlooked minor element that always predetermines failure.
Exalted: The use of force to temporarily overcome impediments. The loss of power through the failure to focus.
Detriment: Persistent force that saps vitality and turns molehills into mountains. The power to turn a focus into an obsession.