MoonBlog 41.2 caution

I guess, I’m seeing 3 ‘levels’

1. how we behave from the mind/not-self in the 7 centered world as if we are 7 centered. Some parts are self, inescapably, yet most is a huge exaggeration of that which we are not. References to the HD chart are usually/mostly a mis interpretation, just mind trying to make a non solvable puzzle fit/stick. If you push this button, you get this result. The land of psychology and being unhinged.

2. how HD describes us according to our chart, after at least 7 years deconditioning, at least, obliterating/annihilating ‘level’ 1. A new baseline of interacting with the world. If you push this button, we don’t know what the results will be, yet stability?

3. just living S&A (and sometimes not), in part even transcending ‘level’ 2, which then becomes information but not truth and simply doesn’t fucking matter anymore as you can simply be, dualistically yourself, in all kinds of colors and shapes and movement and behaviour, untethered. As an observable result, but nothing to strive for or manipulate towards.
Fuck any button pushing, complete irrelevance.

MoonBlog 41.2


Gate 41 of contraction, decrease.
The limitation of resources which maximizes development of potential.

Gate 41 line 2 caution. Humanism tempered by pragmatism.

Exalted: A conservative nature that does not risk its own security in aiding others. Energy for one’s own feelings but not for others.
Detriment: A desire for recognition that throws caution to the wind, depleting valuable resources for only temporary gain. The energy for the display of feelings for recognition.