If you are new to Human Design, or interested to read a little more perhaps look at these resources: and
including ‘Your Own Authority, a Beginner’s Guide to Human Design’ ebook and ‘The Definitive Book of Human Design’ paperback.

And after reading those pages and links perhaps look into
which hosts audios, videos and ebooks

And maybe if you feel up for it, have a session with someone in your area or online.
This might be a Foundation Reading or simply an Introduction or perhaps a Q&A session or even a Living Your Design course and/or

And of course the all new

Other sources of inspiration: Adyashanti, Sitara MittagJed McKenna, Osho

Other Reflector Blogs: Jelena Kovacevic
My own instagram: Baffo (@reflectorsessions)

My Amazon wishlist for those that seek inspiration or seek to share it: (second hand is awesome)

July 2014