Who is driving?

In HD we know the terminology of the Magnetic Monopole being the driver
and for me, especially after having done the 4 Transformations year training, I can see the concept of Driver, Vehicle and Passenger so much better.

But also, to see, who else is driving, all these variants of my mind. Wearing different hats.

When sex is driving
when money is driving
or the drive for money is, driving.

When need for recognition
for compliments
for acknowledgment
for likes
for pleasure
for good food
feel good
to feel better, is driving

with their little hats (… whatever 😉 ), and driving gloves, all purrdy and neatly dressed, up.
For driving.

The ego/mind, driving, for ego, for ego/mind. As an expression of itself, driving. Not the magnetic monopole driving, no. The ego/mind, almost like someone with Alzheimers’, doing something they did in the past, and ending up in the weirdest places, only to be brought home, by the cops.

It is such a show, such a drama, dramatic expression. Of ego/mind all dressed up, for driving, and then actually drive, completely out of place, yet driving as if it was correct. ‘Fake it till you make it’.

Oh and that it does 😀
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