MoonBlog 44.5

A double feature:

An interesting thing to remember is, when Ra said something, there was a context to it. There was a whole litany of reasons and meaning to simple catch phrases or even rhymes.

However, when we repeat what Ra said, verbatim, without the contextual message we get into dogma and untruths, we get into teachings of faith and beliefs.

We can not say, in relationships or connection charts that ‘8-1 have some fun’ will always be like this, or even like that. Even if in our experiences so far, it has.

One experience or even 6 million don’t make a truth. They remain experiences.
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MoonBlog 44.5 Manipulation


is what I feel like today, now. As if I had a severe blow to the head, somewhat intoxicated even.

I’m sitting here over emotional, but very quiet. Observing myself, my feelings, my triggers, my shadows, the timing and impact of things here and now. I’m feeling my gut, a knot.
Trying to dive in deeper, not running away. Even though I have done several distracting things, I don’t seem to be able to walk away from a deeper and longer experience of this, what is.

I had an ever ecstatic life building up since a few weeks ago. I am very busy with all these courses, interacting with people on different levels, and this permaculture/garden is taking up quite a bit of resources, mentally and physically.

In my ecstasy, I expanded some more towards others, and we shared our lives some more. I was not on a cloud yet, but I sure did feel like floating/flying.
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