MoonBlog 46.3 Projection

Writing about Human Design is not as easy as it may seem. Besides it being an art, it is not easy to write in such a way, that what is said is actually true. And particularly mechanically correct, because this is about the description of mechanical functioning. And most people botch it up, they turn phrases around as if that is possible, as if the reverse is also true, or confuse functioning with meaning. But most of all, one tends to write about what they believe to be true with no real way of knowing or being able to verify. But it does sound nice for the story loving mind, so people continue, and if ‘everyone’ else gives them praise for it, then why should your one negatively perceived comment have any value? As you might see, the psychology to explain away with more mind and reasoning runs deep, very deep.

Another pitfall is that if it makes sense to the mind, it is therefor true. And if we then repeat it often enough and have a persuasive way of speaking, or writing, then everyone else also believes it to be true, as we continue to communicate on the mental level, alone. And several things I’m about to say will make no sense to some, but I’ll try and give an example first:

Strawberries are red. Strawberries are sweet when ripe. Strawberries are beautiful.

Most of us will agree with the 3 statements. But the last statement is a judgment. It is personal and subjective. It is not true for everyone. True perhaps for most people, maybe even 95% of the population on Earth. But it is not (therefor) a truth. And it is also not a truthful conclusion, however logical it may sound to our minds, it is not a given sequence that always works. Someone might have an allergy, or gets shivers just from looking at them, or as they touch the outside of them. As it freaks them out, deep in and from their core being, perhaps when they taste or smell them. Truthfully.

The same is true with Human Design descriptions. Some are true, some are simply false. But many people relatively easy go along with what is said, and the writer also believes what came up from their sometimes powerful minds, and run with it. While the reader tries to apply what is said. because what is said sounds true, it sounds like a general truth. And therefor I must …
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