SunBlog 47.6

Weirdos in the mail:

Weirdo: Dear Mr. Pretends-To-Be-Certain, Do people also often tell you that you’re an asshole that easily gets stuck in your own very narrow and rigid way of seeing? Your childish need to be an authority and put others down? That you’re terrible at looking in the mirror of your own hypocrisy and judgments? I’m not into passive aggressively making wall posts intended for individuals, so I though I should offer you the honor of direct contact.

Me: No
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Moon Blog 47.6

something is dawning on me, like an insight and perhaps preliminary conclusion (and perhaps complete and utter nonsense), which is; whatever the Reflector encounters, they -have- to filter it, and not even that, the filtering, the sampling has already started. There is no not filtering of someone, or something when it has reached the vicinity of a Reflector. And even going beyond the breathing in of life through the Digestion as in PHS where one can stop their sampling, their breathing in of this or that, as another sense has picked up on something or someone too.

And when filtering happens, conclusions happens, discernments happen.
I believe (.) that this is part why, we need to be so careful who we are with, what they say, what tv we watch, and what information we allow in our Facebook newsfeed.

Because we can not not filter that which comes in our lives, filtering started the moment one of our senses picked up on it. So filtering who you filter is in order. Here on Facebook this might mean to unfriend someone, or even block them, but unfollowing is also an option, while remaining FB friends. To stop all notifications from certain groups, or even leave certain groups, if and when you notice you are stuck filtering what is going on there.

And this also includes filtering messages about horrible things in the world, be it mistreated pets, or dolphins, tv-shows, movies, the news… as we can have (I say, but debatable) this mechanical functioning in processing about things that might not be for us.
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