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Weirdos in the mail

weirdo: Oi from Portugal

We are looking for our Human Design Conference 2023 by OPEN G colorful HD program with experienced HD people as co-creators – our event to connect for the first time will take place tomorrow wherever you want Human Design Café Sun April9th in honor of RA’s 75th – please join the Movement. HD is for Kids! Currently we have 15 speakers from the Human Design School Vienna participating. We hope to become even more international ❤️

Hennes 34-57 21-45

me: Oi?

looking for (what?), with experienced HD people as co-creators?

to connect, wherever you want?

there is a movement? what is this movement, what does it do, and what does it want by sending this message?

HD is for Kids! eeeeh yeah, ok

currently 15 participating, participating what, this vague movement, the thing today, what are they participating (with)?

we (is who, is what?) hope to become even more international.[heart] eeeehhh ja is that the goal of this message?

I’ve never seen a more hollow, phraseology filled message.
There is nothing to hook into, as it is super vague, and the sentences make no sense. Or it is simply very bad English?
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