MoonBlog 52.5 Explanation

Topic raised: “on the fringe and conspiratorial vs. those who are not” & “if the difference here is between individual and tribal circuitry respectively.

To me, it does not seem related to circuitry or even mechanics.

If one has control issues, which is a psychological disorder, then one is doubtful and in ‘against’ mode.

If one is the passenger (again), there is only observation and experience, mind is no longer running the show, and there is no more ‘issue’.

To be in this world but not of it

walking around like a tourist, through lock-downs and Ikea parking lot lines, none of it is personal (anymore).

Whereas the conspiracy theorists, (regardless of whether their particular conspiracy may be factually true!!), still have a (entirely made up) personal stake in outcomes. It’s just ego/mind.

Just like being born tall or short is not personal, but here we are incarnated into this body this time, well, see what it does, how it moves, runs, lays on the couch.

Instead of imposing will and arguments on how and what, life ‘should’ look like. The vanity and intellectual arrogance…

Mind you, I was deeply into conspiracies and anger issues and make-ability syndrome, and much more similar mental illness issues.

That is how I see them now, my mind was running the show and it was sick. Now it’s just crazy but no longer running things. Quite a comfortable/pleasant difference.
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MoonBlog 52.5 Explanation

Reflectors sometime get a bad rap for being unreliable, because there are times, when you work or study or even live together with a Reflector that they get up and leave, or even vanish all together. This gets interpreted as being ungrateful, and untrustworthy, when in fact, understanding how finely tuned and sensitive the Reflector is, you get to see, it is no longer correct for that one Reflector , to continue. And in online communities, feeling free to disconnect from any conversation, or group, and person if and when correct for the Reflector, and even block someone if they really feel the need to distance themselves from certain kinds of energy & interactions, without ever explaining themselves.

And most of it happens unconsciously for the Reflector, they themselves can be unaware of the so called reason, the trigger for them to get up and go, and leave you be, and do whatever you do. But do not misinterpret this for being wavery, and loose canons, and become angry with all that you ‘invested’ in one of them, as u hailed one in to be an active support for your project or endeavor. Remember it also being your project, and not theirs, so as long as it is correct for this, or that Reflector they will stay, but when it does not anymore, sooner or later, they will go.

There is nothing wrong with you, or your project per se, the interpretation all too quickly goes to self-doubt too, because if there is no fault or blame with the Reflector, there has to be something or someone else to blame. But no, just check in with yourself, with your very own correctness, through your own Strategy & Authority whether to proceed or not. No blame, no resentment, no fault, it is not personal, remember it being mechanical. And maybe attract another Reflector to exchange with, something we are not used to do, to continue if and when correct with an-other unique individual Reflector all over, as we fall into resentment and guilt tripping and other mind-fucks, for them not being how we made them up to be.

And they, might have actually sensed you being a resentful person, not the best environment for any open G. The beauty of hindsight teaching us how correct the connection really was. We are still so new at this living our design, at entering any form of interconnection, be it a relationship or a partnership, a project or some other form. To enter in correctly and also, to exit correctly. It takes time and practice, allowing ourselves and the other to make some really interesting, silly or even weird mistakes, as we are all still absolute beginners at this.

And some times, the Reflector comes back, comes to check out the environment again, to sample and nibble to see if things are different now, or not.

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