Moon Blog 55.1

For me, depression happens in my mind, and there alone, and however not wanting to resolve the experience with tricks and schemes to convince my mind that there are solutions to that same mind that is worried, I do enjoy distracting my distracted mind.

At the surface I read a book, usually only a chapter, or if it has very long elaborate chapters, I read a few pages, and let my mind wonder and ponder in the distraction of what I have just fed it.

While my subconscious can continue to process the processing that is going on; the trigger for the thoughts that results in the experience of depression. Letting it all in and happen, letting it all run their course, while on the surface I’m staring outside in reflections of what I just read, or wrote.

And then there are actions to distract that surface level awareness of my worried mind, like baking a cake, riding my bike, doing laundry, consciously, slowly and pensive. Because any form of depression has it’s place, and trying to avoid or solve will not work. Stick with the feeling of the feeling, the experience of this now, and let it all run it’s course.

Even when you have no truth in your now, you can still observe it and be the wittness of that now that is no truth. This is where the depth of your being is explored, including the not so funny.
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