MoonBlog 58.4 Focusing

Yesterday I did a Google search on ‘Human Design Reflector’ and found some interesting writings. Most are a mere repeat of the irrelevant, meaningless and inaccurate number of Reflectors, and several on the false assumption what Reflectors are supposed -to do-

Not being. But doing, acting, playing a role, having purpose, with meaning, intent, goals.


Reading sentences beginning with ‘Reflectors (they) are here to…’

-‘play a vital role’
-‘experience wonder and awe.’
-‘transcend what most of us experience as a personal agenda.’
-‘“mirror” or reflect the health of the community around them.’
-‘be critics, be guides, be judges, be sensors. be those that can truly sense what is going on around you.’

All of these make a turn-around on a presumption, but, it is not what the Reflector is ‘here to –do-, it is a happening, it is something that occurs naturally without any doing, from Living their Design, as one applies their Strategy & moves with their Authority.

These sentences give the impression:
• there is something specific (and quite diverse I must add) that Reflectors -need- to do, need to be like, and behave accordingly.
• if you do none of these made up and sometimes fantastical traits and abilities, you suck, you are not a good little Reflector, clearly not in awe enough buddy…
• of just another homogenization by people that do not think for themselves and simply regurgitate information, or hash that information into new words (with often even more ridiculous/disasterous results), but are simply saying the same thing: do this or else.
• the writers are not observers and experiencers but live in the results of their mind’s (illogical) constructs.
• that this is their impression, their thoughts on how Reflectors -should- behave, from their own limited imagination, and therefor “I sell you that”. Prolonging the confusion and misunderstanding of and about Reflectors.
• that any feedback will only result in better sounding sentences but not ever the experience and observations, defended as if it were/must be/has to be.

Another Reflector (Andy Pavarini) writes here:
“Since I Reflect you I will not condition you… that is what you are trying to remove (conditioning). Go to a traditional counselor that conditions your aura in session and agree to quit smoking only to walk outside the door an hour later and you light up. It is not your fault… how would you know?”

But here is the thing, a Reflector can condition you, and can actually be a great conditioner (ask any current or former lover, or business partner of a Reflector, or their children). The fact that a Reflector can close their aura to the other, and can have the conditioning effect of others slide off the Reflector does not make that have any reverse effect in or on the other (Type). That is just a mistaken mental calculation that if this is true than that is true, a wrong conclusion based on a false assumption. It is magical thinking turned into a belief. It does sound really nice, but is not true.

Oh and if you’re in the business of “trying to remove (conditioning)”, seek another framework/profession because unless you kill everyone on Earth, and laser zap the planets (and a couple of stars) away, it cannot be done…

Regarding homogenized descriptions of Reflectors, I have a thought exercise, so bear with me (or not):
Someone with definition, even if they have different gates activated in a defined center (hanging gates) that center is still defined, so there are comonalities we can speak of, the definition is fixed, the center will operate in a fixed way. Yes, no? The emphasis on being (correct) for any defined Type seems to be on their activations. On what -is- colored in.
With Reflectors however, there is not one thing fixed, -except- their openness (!). But each one has different gate activations (dormant potentials), and many, many none-activated gates. The common denominators are nearly non existant. So perhaps be open to Reflectors to differ also from each other, as from other Types.

Several Reflectors in the same room will not pick up on the same things within that room. This Reflector will not reflect the health of that community as the other one does. They simply can not. An illusion to think and even hope for that. This Reflector might be in the wrong place with the wrong people during these Transits, while that other Reflector experiences something else completely and may be in the right place, at the right time with the right people.
I think the overal desire and act of homogenizing Reflectors to behave this or that way, narrow and fixed, is a testament of the misunderstanding on the nature of the Reflector.

The Reflector is here to be, and sometimes they will observe things, and sometimes they simply won’t, can’t.

An interesting read with much more nuance than usual (while some generalizations remain) you can find here:

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