MoonBlog 62.2

One of the things that came up in the year long Transformations set of courses about the 4 Variables and Digestion, Environment, Perspective and Motivation, is of-course some of our habits. And one being sleep, or waking habits. When to go to sleep, how long, or late, to stay awake.

And it is easy to say, that this is our conditioning, ours, of how we live to work from 9 to 5, how our days are scheduled along those hours to make room for when to eat breakfast and when to eat lunch, dinner, when to watch tv, and go to bed again, how long to sleep, and so on.

Everything neatly fixed within certain time frames, every single day, and make a fuss when things are not happening along those lines, those times.

But what is so interesting in my exploration of my own observations, is that we like to call it, our conditioning. As if some outside force is to blame, it makes it easy to use this language, so we can identify an outside source for our behaviour, or for our perceptions of other peoples behaviour.
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Moon Blog 62.2

I’m clearing my mind, and its process is quite benign

I’m not asking my questions, anymore. Oh I still have plenty of them, some quite hilarious, some are great, and they are all, still, my questions. But I no longer seek answers to them. Nor seek to share them with you. At least, not for answering. Because the answers will always come to me, over time, regardless of me being with them, or without them. Regardless of me using them in conversations to pass the time of our togetherness.

However much or little effort I put into them, into asking or answering them, they will come, or not.

Or not

And that’s the result of living life as it is, just as it is. To have questions but not necessarily ask them. And certainly not have them answered !

The mind no longer in panic, no longer addicted to questioning, while still being able to ponder and wonder about so many things. Stepping out of the treadmill of prime-time Q&A, the great distractor.

But to call the result silence would be a misnomer, there is no actual silence within, me, but it has become quiet-er. From a run-down badly maintained treadmill loopty-loop with an obese giant running in it, deafening with each heavy step in its relentless pace, non-stop go-around, to a gentle rippling stream of ice-cold mountain water.

Clear as day
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