Bhan Tugh

The Bhan Tugh Plates

Before there was light, there was something else: the juxtaposition of the Bhan and Tugh. At the heart of this very special eleven week course are the Bhan Tugh Plates, created by Ra Uru Hu in 1994 to tell the story he was told on the first day of his encounter in 1987. They contain the keys to how the cosmos was conceived and then structured along a line of geometry that began approximately 15 billion years ago and continues unbroken to include you today.


The simplicity of these illustrated manuscript plates allows us to learn and share stages of juxtaposition and biverse conception, enriched by dark matter research and the dialogue between quantum mechanics and relativity. Other topics covered: the prime crystals and monopole, the origins of the neutrino stream, core fractal geometry, the birth of stars and consciousness. Dog, Camel and Center, the 88 Alphas, the mechanics of incarnation, specific planetary roles and triggers for mutation in our time, and also the dance of Phoenician cosmology with the Human Design revelation. This is the cornerstone offering of the Rave Cosmology Certification Program.

Lavishly complemented with easy-to-reference images (Quick Time) of forces like dark matter and star birth. And, of course, continuing the Rave Cosmology story telling tradition begun by Ra Uru Hu.