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MoonBlog 53.3

Human Design will not fix your life, or even help fix it.

Besides nothing being wrong, we are only under the impression that it is, Human Design helps you see your life in a different way, a re-orientation. And -that- will dissolve the perceived issues all together.

But most of us come into HD looking for the fixing tools, looking for the tool-shed, looking for that piece of information to help us.

And then we get submerged and possibly drown in the vastness of the Human Design System acquiring more and more information, where some will stay afloat, bobbing heads barely breathing at the top of the surface. Where most will just dabble on in confusion and turmoil, of both Human Design and their unresolved issues.

And few will start swimming, and leaving the waters of information, and start applying the information, the basics, first. Strategy & Authority. And dive into the not-self behaviours of our minds, of our openness, the rigidity of our definitions and activations, the knee-jerks from our splits, and the claiming and blaming of self, others, the world and the universe through our mental filter.

Some will venture onward, after a while, into PHS, exploring their Digestion of life itself, in their correct Environment, from their own unique Perspective and observe the workings of our Motivation and all the see-sawing that takes place in our lives, between this and that.

And you get to see, to see, how vastly conditioned we are, you are, I am. But also, how it actually works, how it all operates, mechanically.

And the seer changes the experiment, seeing itself does. Without shaming, or guilt tripping. Simple realizations through observing. Your life.

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