We finish our movie it’s not very good.

“We have a big premiere my parents come my brother comes Leonard comes there’s a big crowd. At the after party people shake my hand pat me on the back give me their business cards tell me the movie was amazing, incredible, great. I smile say thank you but I know it wasn’t very good. It hurts me to admit it, and it hurts me to accept it, my movie wasn’t very good.

Allison hates her job more and more with every passing day and is more and more miserable with every passing day she comes home angry every night.

Leonard goes back to the East Coast to try to play the golf course. He says this time he’s taking a briefcase full of cash with him. As I always do before his pilgrimage, I wish him luck, good luck Leonard good luck.

The script I sold goes into production, an actor from a popular television show about a group of friends in New York is the star. He hires his best friend to rewrite my script I read the new version and I hate it. I call a lawyer and I ask him if there’s anything I can do about it, he reads my contract and says no and he tells me that when you take Hollywood’s money you have to be prepared to eat Hollywood’s shit. I don’t like eating shit but I know I’m going to have to this time, so I go to my kitchen and I get a napkin.” – James Frey, My friend Leonard