An encounter with a Reflector is something else. I am often described as being very direct and cutting right through to the core of what I perceive, avoiding many steps most people keep dancing around. Being a 4/6 Reflector I can be approachable and friendly, with my Variable and my limited energy I can also be serious and focused.

As a Reflector I have a different view and experience of life, usually quite unexpected for most people.
A different angle, as I look into your openness for, well, your openness. And I look at your definition for fixedness and rigidity, this can be a surprise encounter as I reflect these aspects back to you. Because one of the key elements of interacting with me, is uncovering the truth of our experience, beyond the perceptions, beyond the interpretation and certainly beyond our judgments.

And also, to give a taste of living life correctly, with an experiential trust in life and Human Design as a working applicable synthesis, as we learn to slowly, let go of the rulership of the mind in our decision making.

Feedback from others:
With a natural and clear understanding of Human Design, Sjef has a refreshing approach of non interference.

He is present with you and not just reading numbers, providing the best possible foundation so you can fully engage with your own experiment. Heartful and sensitive with a clarity that directs and attracts your attention deeper… and deeper.

I will say though that i dont know Sjef Romijn personally but i do trust his input, and have immense respect for his work. I am grateful to know such a reflector exists.”

You were recommended by Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert.”

fuck you, Sjef Romijn.”

I completely trust your integrity and expression of the knowledge. Thank you for doing this most important and valuable work.

However, I am not for everyone, I’m also not available for everyone. You are not for everyone. We are each particularly unique. If you read some of my writings and sharing and happen to¬†experience a drive to –not– connect, great. If you do experience a drive to connect, great, you are hereby invited, asked, informed and initiated to do so through the contact page.

Hi, my name is Sjef Romijn, I am accredited as a Human Design Rave Cosmologist Teacher and as a Living Your Design Guide and live in The Hague in the Netherlands. Born in 1969 and heard of/about Human Design somewhere in 2006 or 2007.

Sometime later (May 19th 2008 to be exact ūüôā ) I was told to be a 4/6 Reflector, PLL-DLR, Right Angle Cross of Rulership. In between I had read some things about Human Design, but found it difficult to grasp, but ever since knowing my Type I really dived in and (re)searched anything and everything I could possibly find (online).

As a Reflector I’ve sampled many people teaching Human Design since then, through sessions, meetings, courses, buying and reading their books, email exchanges and more personal encounters. As a 4th line I witness myself become more fundamental over the years and have come back full circle to the teachings of its first messenger: Ra Uru Hu, and those Professionals and former students of him that use his teachings as the absolute core for their own experiment.

To get a sense of me, watch me move, hear me speak, there is a short video of me here: Are you serious? (2m43s)
and a longer one here: Talking about Human Design (40m18s)

Past experiences:
foundation reading 1 Jwala Koop

-lecture PLL-DLR Variable Ra Uru Hu (blog link)
-lecture BG5 HD in business Ilse Sendler (blog link)
BG5 entry reading Ilse Sendler
-lecture new looks on the 6th line Peter Schöber (blog link)
-lecture living the non-energy life Dharmen Swann-Herbert (blog link)
signpost session Dharmen Swann-Herbert (blog link)
-lecture genetic flow of the 12 profiles Andrea Reikl-Wolf (blog link)
-2 day Living Your Design workshop Guido Wernink + Stien Michiels
foundation reading 2 Guido Wernink
-5 sessions workshop/course Path of the Moon Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert
-6 sessions course Rave ABC Nayla Nasra
-2 sessions workshop/course Centers, Sampling and Protecting Martin Grassinger
-Admin and mod of the Human Design Reflector FaceBook Group 2009-2014

-audit 9 sessions workshop/course Rave ABC Genoa Bliven
-lecture Conditioning, Love, Mind, Human Design Ra Uru Hu
-1 day Reflector only workshop Roos Litjens
-Reading of the Global Incarnation Crosses Index Book as they Transit, over the course of a year
-22 sessions workshop/course Rave Cartography Genoa Bliven
-website design and editor for the 2010 Reflector Retreat Live webpage
-5 day workshop From the Not-Self to the No-Self for Reflectors Nisarg B Nikiel, including Lunar Cycle workshop by me (blog link)
-lecture Strategy, Authority and Transformation Ra Uru Hu

The School of Enlightened Selfishness 6 video Series Ra Uru Hu
-Lecture The Turning of The Ages and The Human Design System Genoa Bliven
-6 sessions workshop/course The Art of Fluid Keynoting Deborah Bergman (homework)
-audit 5 sessions workshop/course Path of the Moon Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert
-Lecture Sexuality Availability and Drive Alokanand Díaz del Río

Professional Education: 11 sessions workshop/course Living Your Design Guide training Genoa Bliven
-online Living Your Design Guide Support Group Human Design America
-6 sessions workshop/course Radical Deconditioning Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert

  • Sjef Romijn LYDG Certificate
    Living Your Design Guide
  • Certified Human Design Professionals Listing
  • Rave Cosmologist Teacher

-website design and editor for the 2013 Reflector Retreat Live webpage
-6 day workshop From Disappointment to Surprise for Reflectors Nisarg B Nikiel, including Lunar Cycle workshop by me
PHS Reading + follow-up with Leela Swann-Herbert

-year long Radical Transformations Course Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert on the 4 Variables
First Transformation: 6 sessions workshop/course PHS & Enhancing Body Intelligence
Second Transformation: 6 sessions workshop/course Physical Longevity through Environment
Third Transformation: 6 sessions workshop/course Perception & The Mind
Fourth Transformation: 6 sessions workshop/course Awakening Passenger Consciousness
-online Quarterly Transformation Support Group Meetings Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert
-Reading of the Rave I-Ching Line Companion Books as they Transit, over the course of a year
-Proofreader and editor of ‘Design Humain: Approche et Bases/Manuel Introductif au Design Humain‘ (French Edition) ebook by Fabrice Mars (blog link)

-The Rave Cosmology Series Complete Self-Study Package and eBooks with Ra Uru Hu
I: The Bhan Tugh Plates 11 lectures
II: The Six Mystical Ways 10 lectures
III: Dying, Death and the Bardo Stages 11 lectures
IV: The Nature and Mechanics of the Rave (2027 Education) 11 lectures
V: Brahma’s Night and Beyond 11 lectures
VI: Profile, Purpose and Function 10 lectures
VII: The Nature of the Stars 11 lectures
VIII: Mystic Monologues 11 lectures

Professional Education: 8 sessions course Rave Cosmologist Teacher Certification Darshana Mathews (blog link)
-Admin and mod of the Human Design Reflector FaceBook Group 2016-2020

-website design and editor for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Reflector Retreat Live webpage
Professional Education: 3x 4 day workshop Professional Training Level (PTL) I ‚Äď Keynoting the Chart Alokanand D√≠az del R√≠o
Semester 1: Keynoting Human Characteristics, Keynoting the 64 Gates, Keynoting Gates through Centres
Semester 2: Stringing Keynotes through the Streams of Information, Mapping the Formula of the Not-self, Mapping the Formula of the True Self
Semester 3: Continuity: The 5th View – Reading Human Helplessness, The Rave I-Ching – Lines of Difference

-Admin and mod for the Human Design global community https://forum.64gates.net/


Besides all these Human Design interests, experiments and experiences I also enjoyed:

2009 –¬†2011:
-GENE KEYS Deep-Dive 1 and 2, Integral Human Design live workshop, 2 fast track Guide and Host Trainings, online Venus Sequence and the Golden Path Program with Richard Rudd, Werner Pitzal, Tanmayo Lawson, Martha Cuffy, Teresa Collins and Marshall Lefferts

-1 year training Permaculture Design Course Taco Blom and Ishi Crosby (blog link)

-9 weeks Work As Meditation Living in Program at the Osho International Meditation Resort Pune, India, around my Uranus Opposition.

2015 – 2016:
-studying Advaita Vedanta Sitara Mittag, Swami Paramarthananda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Dennis Waite


Here is my full birth data: 12 September 1969, 20:37 local time, The Hague, Netherlands
and/or follow this myBodyGraph link