MoonBlog 54.6 Selectivity

Career reflector, or a reflectors’ career?

– So here I am (hmm favorite intro line?), in Ibiza for the 2009 event.

It’s Sunday the 5th, I’m a little early to meet up with different people inside and outside of the Hotel and at 5PM I go to the BG5 lecture. Since I’m not only interested in what makes people tick, but also in the relations between people in different circumstances (work, love, etc), I did not want to miss this one.

Sunday April 5 from 17.00 to 18.00 BG5 – THE BUSINESS APPLICATION OF HD Price: $ 90 BG5 – the business application of the Human Design System – analyses the possibilities of material success and well being within the not-self world. The goal is not personal transformation (although this may be a ‘side effect’) but more ease and comfort in everyday work and working conditions. In this intro lecture I will show you the various topics BG5 explores and give you an impression of the work of a BG5 business consulter. with Ilse Sendler

Ilse is admittedly nervous and the lecture is over before we even know it (like Mahalo already said), but she did say some very interesting things for me, the 4 (possible?) working conditions:
-lone worker (manifestors?)
-(with) 1 partner environment, which a lot of people can/do
-(sharing in) small group(s), for less than 20% of all people
-larger (+15 people) groups (small lot I wrote next to it, so not for a lot of people apparently)

And also the consultations she gives not only to groups in businesses and so on but also to individuals, working from the body, HDS, health and material plane and probably also the field knowledge she must have. A sort of career plan consult. And more about ‘alpha one’ analysis/coaching (manager/manifestor), teams, ‘beta two’ analysis (the 1 partner environment) and penta analysis/engineering (3-5 people I believe, I have only listened to the audio once since) And so on.

Well since the lecture was so brief and she said personal 15minute entry check, I walked over to her and asked if she does sessions also this week in Ibiza, which she did and before we both knew it we were off to another room where she gave me a consultation on my ‘career’

Of course I did not tell immediately that I am a reflector (most people say: Oh! you are… etc and sometimes even step back, but I’ll get in to that later/another time) and she also was startled a bit, but joyfully she continued and told me not to work alone/solo (no energy), best would be the 1 partner, no small or larger groups.

Unfortunately (I think, not sure) after years of doing anything from nothing at all to an awful lot in short amounts of time, I started my own company, totally solo, independent and have been (activly) working towards that for about 3 years… I already knew in my late teens that I would/could never be a pay slip-slave, and always knew I would try to be an ‘entrepreneur’ of sorts, only never knew what kind, or in what kind of business.

So now I’m a semi self taught computer/networking ‘handyman’ for private persons and (small) businesses. Mainly on my motorcycle, because of the great joy it gives me (to get paid !) to drive it and of course traffic. She did see the advantages of how I constructed this (did I mention I was active, observer, strategic and focused according to my variable? 🙂 ) but emphasized nonetheless that 1 partner would be the thing for me. A construction where the other would probably do the most/actual work (revenue accordingly) and I would more or less oversee the whole business (pick up the phone, make appointments, paperwork?). I already feel for the (mf/) generator…

Later on I talk to another reflector who has had a different outcome (small and larger groups) a few years back, and a day or so later Ilse and I talk about that. A bit later I realize that no 2 reflectors are alike either, and there is also the possibility of renewed field experience, either way, I’m ok with it, and take everything and nothing into consideration, so no ‘harm’ done what so-ever.

At one point during the day I bump into Dharmen and Leela on the promenade/boulevard and we briefly speak. I tell him that I always felt/thought the (moon)cycles took longer, more like 3 months or so, but hey I was never much touchy/feely with my inner whatyoumaycallit. He tells me a little about what to expect from my signpost session with him later that week, and that he is a 1/3 which if you have a nail, he will pound with his hammer, and if he doesn’t like you, is going to be rude too.

I sincerely like his honesty and openness, but am a bit weary of this upcoming pounding, realizing that it doesn’t matter how you -behave- yourself, you can be courtious, attentive, on your best behavior, whatever, but there is no escaping the real you, whoever that might be or is, especially not with someone like Dharmen. I mean this is all so new to me, I (think) I know how/who I am, but they probably know better, right? But I did have a trick up my sleeve…