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How was your variable today?

-So here I am, 3 days early before the 2009 Ibiza event (flight was much cheaper), raining outside, in an apartment with 26 Spanish TV channels, no internet, and forgotten how to speak the language (mainly because my French improved so much since I was last in Spain, ehrm 17 years ago?), alone/lonely, damn… w t f did I do… Well since I’m here better make the best of it, so dragged myself outside for groceries, site seeing, internet cafe, etcetera

I am me, and I’m quite comfortable with whom I’ve become so don’t be a whining little b… and do something nice, it’s Ibiza ! My self confidence did help a lot, and the voice in the back of my head did remember me of some of my detriments, so not to focus on those, beentheredonethat way way back before, not anymore, and especially not now !

So finally there were people in this 5 star hotel spa thing (checked it out 2 times before to see wheter or not there was a welcoming something and maybe already get to meet some people and experience the atmosphere), let the fun begin ! Hmm, what a bunch of introvert people…? Or is it just me? Hm, well let’s tone down a little more and see what’s happening.

So headed over to ‘the counter’ and introduced myself to vibrant Alissa, and found out my then reflector friend Lippy was not coming and he offered to take his place in what turned out to be our identical variable (PLL-DLR). Hurried in 10 minutes before the start, and so it began.

Saturday April 4 from 12.30 to 13.30 PLL DLR Price: $ 400 Ra has dedicated the 2008-2009 IHDS academic year as the year of the Variable. Variable is a by product of the groundbreaking programs of the Science of Differentiation College. Mechanically, Variable is a combination of four imprints of a Rave Chart, the Design Sun/Earth; the Design North and South Nodes; the Personality North and South Nodes and the Personality Sun/Earth. Each imprint is synthesized based on its Tonal activation to differentiate the imprint through ‘Leftness’ or ‘Rightness’. The resulting combination of these four elements is called a Variable. There are 16 possible combinations. Through the Variable Rave Property the four transformations that are the potential of all nine-centered beings is revealed. Nearly a decade ago Ra began to experiment with Type for Type lectures; ‘The 16 Variable Workshops’ is a higher ‘octave’ of this process. Nothing was more profound or revealing to me and the participants than being with only their Type’, Ra Uru Hu 

Weird feeling… I knew/figured there were different types in the same room and we were sitting not far apart, but I felt… nothing. that’s odd. Ra was sitting too far away. Only ever felt that with 4 other people, the only other 4 reflectors I know up till now… (Yeah now I -know- reflectors can also close their aura, which I can do pretty well actually/luckily, but this was not my closed aura)

So I listened to Ra, not sure how to compose myself in this first lecture ever, and tried to listen but found it very difficult to get into it. Some of it made sense, some of it was really funny ((if someone asks you to go jogging with them, shoot them, it’s not personal but it’s not for you) and had to think of someone who recently asked me to go to the gym with him), but most of it flew by me thinking of hoping/wanting/needing to get the audio later on.

HD Ibiza Event 2009, Saturday April 4 – from 12.30 to 13.30 PLL DLR

Outside, shake of this nervousness, this anticipation, exhale, relax. Phew, what a ride. Walking and sitting outside a bit, looking, listening and meeting 2 very lovely interesting people, projectors again, I usually do, I attract them, they attract me, I don’t know and I don’t care, but I have to say, projectors for me are interesting people, not always positive sure, but they are the weird, the funny, the painted faces, the costumes, the freaky. And not only on the outside of course!

As a one-on-one chameleon, I met and spoke with them separately, but incredible how deep and sincere the contact is, very enjoyable. And slowly I begin to feel comfortable, at the right place in the right time, with the right people, but not all the time…