Reflector Lunar Cycle as a Strategy

The Lunar Cycle for Reflectors is 2 separate things:

A. the Lunar Cycle processing in terms of Strategy (when someone else is involved).
B. the Lunar Cycle in terms of observing how you sample life (differently).

A. is super easy to explain since the Reflector Strategy is to wait a month, a moon, a Lunar Cycle, ~27.5 days, and here is how you do that:

1. when a proposition, a nudge, a question, an -outside- initiation comes your way, so when someone else is involved: notice the position of the Moon, which Gate and Line it is in, right there and then.
And then mark in your calendar/agenda when the Moon is in the same Gate one month later, there you mark the topic of the initiation. ‘buy bicycle’, ‘live together’, ‘join holiday’, ‘accept job’.

You can see the actual position of the Moon in the free version of Jovian Archive MMI software by making a ‘Just Now Chart’ or ‘Rave Chart’, or see their online Just_Now page. You can also check out MyBodygraph (which now also has this awesome Transit Tool, short review here) or the HumanDesignApp.

2. From then on: maybe you speak with others about it (soundboard), maybe blog, journal, lecture. Maybe you won’t do any of that. The process has simply started, and that’s it.

The only ‘trick’ is, to –allow yourself- to wait, a month, as you sample life and process this issue (consciously or not) as the Moon passes through all 64 Gates, before making the decision.

3. after one Lunar Cycle, when the Moon is again in the same Gate and Line you were prodded at a month before, did the issue stick around; then deal with it.

Check-in with yourself what your perceived experience about it is. How does your body feel about it, do you notice you already engaged with it perhaps? And if the issue or proposition did not stick around and dissolved on its own; no need to deal with anything, it simply passed (on).

Remember, we –all– have an Inner Authority, but for Reflectors it is a process based Inner Authority, ow and don’t believe this hype.

The Maia Mechanics Imaging software allows for creating ‘Transit Watch Chart sequences’ or view the ‘Rave Ephemeris Browser’ in the Professional Edition, a handy tool to have is an Ephemeris which you can order at New SunWare or Zen Human Design. And this wonderful version is available too: Pro-liner HD also in German

When no one else is involved (painting a wall, writing a book, when to have lunch), use the Tone of your PHS, to discern/find out your correctness, experience the body movement through the Magnetic Monopole driving you. See also: Reflectors with their sampling aura.

B. the Lunar Cycle in terms of observing how you sample life (differently) is a complete course all on its own and a life long process, but pointers are given here: Lunar Cycle & other Transits.