Human Design Beginners:

I mostly suggest this book first:
also available here:
and here:

Then, maybe/perhaps, get a Foundation Reading (Individual Rave Analysis):

and then this book second:
The same book is probably cheaper to get in or near Europe:

after, one can join a Living Your Design workshop or course anywhere in the world (live/online)

This way you have a solid grasp of both practice and theory and an incredible support for your own process 👍

Maybe/perhaps check out the Free Media Library:

Human Design Ephemeris:

A handy tool to have is one of 3 existing Human Design Ephemerises which you can order at

-New SunWare (common Human Design World Ephemeris online edition): ( or
as a Personal version:

-Zen Human Design (Pocket Ephemeris): (

-And this wonderful version ( is available too as a personalized digital pdf:
which now also has a mobile Calendar version here: “To install the new calendar to your mobile device please copy (not click!) this link: Use the link to subscribe through your favorite calendar application.”

Human Design Book list:

Not all of the books pictured cover Human Design… 😉

There are incredibly many books & ebooks available:


On Centers: which also has an Amazon link on the page

On Gates:

On Channels:

Channels & Circuitry:

Channels by Type:

On Lines:

On Crosses:

Crosses by Profile:


Connections & Relationships: “If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that’s love. Anything else is torture.” Ra Uru Hu




Child Development:


Dream Rave: from intro to advanced

On Variables: “Variable is to awareness what Type is to form” – Ra Uru Hu


Life Cycles: