Lunar Cycle & other Transits

Transit Tracking

For all Types, tracking the Transits is not simply important but also a great joy as you get to see your life in a different light. The description given here talks about the Lunar Cycle for Reflectors, but can be used for any Transit by any Human Design Type. Whether the Moon is in Gate 20 or Mars is, the Rave I-Ching description does not change, neither does the Sequence of the Rave Mandala change. Except some planetary spheres move Direct, others Retrograde and some switch back and forth, from our viewpoint on the Earth.

An awesome video on this movement you can see here:

A great reminder of the importance for tracking Transits you can find by ordering the Rave New Year Forecast and listen to Dharmen speak about it, another one is this description How do Planets relate to Human Design

An overview of all posts I ever made related to the Lunar Cycle, like calculations about the Lunar Cycle length for instance, and what the Lunar Cycle for Reflectors is not, you can find here:


Transit/Lunar Cycle journaling:
“getting to know the impersonal program in relation to your personal impressions of the transits.”
(Ivar Brinkman)


This page is going to show both basic and more extended ways of making and looking at your very own Lunar Cycle or Transit Chart. There is another explanation of the Lunar Cycle for Reflectors as a Strategy


These are the Gates that are activated in my Design:
20, 45, 7, 47, 6, 46, 48, 14, 9, 26, 11, 22, 36, 27, 24

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So my own personal Moon or Transit Sequence are the ones opposite which creates a temporary Channel:
10, 34, 57, 21, 31, 64, 59, 29, 16, 2, 52, 44, 56, 12, 35, 50, 61
You see there are more opposite because of the connection possibilities of Gate 20

But that is not the right order, so, changing them in the order of the Rave Mandala gives this sequence:
16, 35, 12, 52, 56, 31, 29, 59, 64, 57, 50, 44, 34, 10, 61, 21, 2

The Lunar Cycle for Reflectors as displayed below starts in the Design Moon, you can find out more by booking a session with one of those rare people that know and understand this and the five or so other important points in support of doing any Transit observations, Because people are easily confused what or how to journal, and mistake it for a psychology tool.

Besides all the wonderful (e)books and the many written resources online, Human Design is partly an oral tradition, some of it we can not find out on our own. It needs to be transmitted by another person, we need to be told by someone else, spoken to. It needs to be ‘heard’ through the vibration of sound, whichever way we are wired to perceive (it).

So here is my Basic Transit-Cycle in full and in the proper order of the movement of the Moon through the Gates



The basic Transit tracking (only) speaks of opposites (in a Channel), but there are 2 more options to look at, opposites in the Rave Mandala wheel (polarity or programming partner) and when the Transit is in a Gate that is activated or not activated at all (open), which gives the full 64 Gates Sequence of your individual personalized and extended Lunar & other Transits Cycle Chart and remember these charts can be made for all Types, and for all Transits too. They are made especially for and about you:


Here you can see how different the Individual personalized and extended lunar & other transits cycle charts are.

So this is the full Sequence of the counter-clock movement by the Transit through the complete Mandala where it either makes no connection at all, it is in opposition of a Gate to form a temporary conditioning Channel or it is in a Gate that is activated and thus in resonance which can bring emphasis. Added is information whether you have an Activation in your Design or Personality, and also in which Lines. Then added is Circuitry, the Line values themselves and also the Centers.

One could go even further and state all 384 Lines in there too (!)