Human Design Readings

a copy/paste from the Human Design America website on March 3rd 2007:

Foundation Reading: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself
The information you receive in your reading helps you to understand deeply ‘who you are’. A complete, taped analysis of your design is an invaluable tool for you to use for the rest of your life.

Cost of a reading: The cost of a reading varies.
The minimum price as suggested by the Human Design Standards Board was $130. (2007)

Phone Readings
Most analysts can do readings over the phone. It is not necessary for you to be physically present.

Life Cycle Analysis
The most important information you will ever receive is your original reading – your birth analysis. Your birth analysis explains the imprint information that you were born with. It is this information that tells you everything about who you are!

There are four types of Life Cycle analysis available:

1. Solar Return – every year approximately 3 months before your birthday
2. Saturn Return – approximately 28 years of age
3. Uranus Opposition – approximately 40 years of age
4. Chiron Return – approximately 50 years of age

Solar Return Reading: your personal yearly weather report
After your foundation reading, the Solar Return (sometimes referred to as Rave Return) reading is very helpful, especially in the early stages of your adventure with Human Design. The most appropriate time for this reading is approximately 3 months before your birthday. The information given from this reading tells you about the coming year and gives you a ‘heads up’ about what to expect.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t change from year to year. You always remain what you were at birth. If you are a Generator in your birth chart, for instance, then no matter what the annual solar return charts show, you never stop being a Generator. Your personal information chart NEVER changes from the original one you were born with.

What does change from year to year are themes and people. This is the Solar Return; it is calculated every year on your birthday. This reading tells you about the energies you will be experiencing in the year to come. It gives you a flavor of the “weather” influencing you, the world around you and the people who will be drawn into your life.

When you ground yourself into the strategy of your type, the Solar Return readings can be important keys to your development within Human Design. These readings are especially helpful in the beginning of your adventure, when the pull of a lifetime of conditioning is the strongest.

Saturn Return & Uranus Oppostion
These readings are not recommended for anyone who has not been involved with living their design for at least 3.5 years. Although these readings can be very interesting, they will have little value unless you are deeply immersed in living the strategy of your Type. Ra Uru Hu has stated that it is much better to wait – even if you are already entering your Saturn return or your Uranus opposition — until you are really settled into living your own design. These readings, given prematurely, can tend to distract a person from living the basic authenticity of the design.

Saturn Return: This reading will give you information about the people who will be drawn into your life and the themes that you will live out during the 20 or so years between the Saturn Return and the Chiron Return.

The Saturn Return reading is essential for anyone who has a “6” in their profile — 3/6, 4/6, 6/2 or 6/3 — as it marks a very definite movement to an “on the roof” speriod of life. This is a transition period of aloofness that will last approximately from age 30 to age 50.

Uranus Opposition: This reading is done when you are close to 40 years old. The Uranus opposition is an important change that comes in every person’s life (although it is not as important for any one with a “6” in their profile).

Our modern society demands that we know what we want to do with our lives by the time we reach our early 20s. This is pressure is a holdover from the period of history before Uranus as a planet was discovered. The modern truth is that the first 40 years of life is a period of discovery, when we learn through experience what interests us and what our talents and skills are. As our village becomes global, there is much to take in, on many levels. The Uranus Opposition gives us an opportunity to identify what has worked in our life and what hasn’t, and to make appropriate changes in life direction. At that point we can truly identify and commit to what we want to do with our lives. This is often referred to as “the mid life crisis”.

Remember, this information is most appropriate for people who are already living their design, as it is extremely important to enter into decisions correctly.

Chiron Return: This 50 year mark in the modern time (post WW II) has brought a real transformation on the planet. People who were born in the WWII era carry the first imprint of this new way of living after 50. In the past, 50 years was considered “old”. It was the time when people thought of retiring, or at least slowing down. These days, age 50 is the beginning of a whole new cycle of life that carries it’s own theme. This theme is what we live out for our remaining years.

Chiron Return readings are a MUST for anyone who carries a “6” in their profile: 3/6, 4/6, 6/2 and 6/3. During this period is they will encounter forces and experiences that are similar to those of the first 28 years in their life. By far the most effective way for a “6” profile to be prepared for this period is to be living the strategy of their unique type. Otherwise it can be a very unsettling if not devastating experience.

It is never to late to begin living who you are. Experiment with your strategy. It is this that will ground you in life – no matter what happens around you.

Family Analysis: Every member of your family is a unique human being. By understanding even the simplest level–the type of each family member and who has emotional definition or not–you can bring profound insights into your family dynamics, and improve inter-family communication and relationships. When you recognize and understand each family member as who they truly are, you can support them to bring out their unique talents and gifts.

Your Human Design Family Analyst has been trained to look into the deep inter-dynamics that exist in your family. Family analysis can help you understand and accept these dynamics. You will be given helpful information to guide you in making healthy decisions for your family as well as learning a new way of relating to your spouse and/or your children which will allow you to deeply support them in who they are.