March 2016

Truth or dare?

A Critique of the Human Design System

by Morten Tolboll

“In the following I will give a short introduction to The Human Design System (HDS), followed by six longer comments, where I describe the different kinds of New Age manipulation-tools used in the system. Though the comments relate to HDS, then they are formed as a general critique of these manipulation-tools as such (also see my article Six common traits of New Age that distort spirituality).

HDS is said to be a tool – a system – which you can use, if you want. It is based on old “sciences” such as Kabbala, astrology, and I Ching, which are combined in new ways, and connected to new knowledge within Quantum Physics and genetics. The creator – or rather “The Receiver” of HDS is Alan Robert Krakower. He was born in Montreal, Canada, April 9, 1948. He lived on Ibiza under the name Ra Uru Hu, until his death in 2011.

He was a well-educated and successful businessman, who worked as a contractor and magazine publisher with own advertising agency. After this he gave up his wealth and worked as an artist, poet, musician and composer.

On Ibiza in 1987 he experienced an extrasensory intelligence, which he calls “The Voice.” During eight days and nights he was taught about the mechanical and spiritual structure of the Universe. Immense knowledge and countless details was channeled to him.

The experience was shaking him. Previous he had been arrogant and strongly self-centered. But after the experience he became humble and he created HDS, which, according to him, can replace all old systems.

Ra says, that HDS not is here because of him, but because of a supernova in 1987. Mankind was influenced by the neutrino stream from this supernova – precisely in the eight days and nights, where he received the informations about HDS. It was by the way the first time a supernova could be watched with the naked eye. It took place in Chile on the clear nightsky.

Neutrinos are some strange particles, which have almost no mass, and which travel thousands of light years through space. They move easily through almost everything – you, me, the earth. Their origin is supernovas (dying/exploding suns) and black holes in the universe.

HDS takes it basis in the way the neutrino stream influences our genes on the time of our birth, and on the 88th day before – the day where the soul – according to HDS – goes into the body. This influence creates the energetical background for, how your personal HDS design chart looks like. The design from which everything are interpretated. It is your genetic blueprint, created by the neutrinos on the day of your birth, combined with the situation 88 days before.

HDS is a complex system of types, definitions, profiles, lines and gates, and their connections in between create a detailed model of you and your purpose in life. According to Ra, then every human being has a unique archetypical nature, which has to be investigated and expressed. Not by doing something, but by being yourself. With HDS you will get better in making decisions, because you live in accordance with your design – your true nature.

HDS is in that way a tool to find your inner authority – and your strategy of life. To know your lifestrategy and inner authority is the same as knowing which type you are. HDS works with four human types: Generators, manifestors, projectors and reflectors.

The six comments to The Human Design System are:
1) Pseudoscience
2) Karma and channeling
3) Personality typing
4) Astrology
5) Paradigm shifts
6) The “science” of awakening”

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Human Design Readings

a copy/paste from the Human Design America website on March 3rd 2007:

Foundation Reading: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself
The information you receive in your reading helps you to understand deeply ‘who you are’. A complete, taped analysis of your design is an invaluable tool for you to use for the rest of your life.

Cost of a reading: The cost of a reading varies.
The minimum price as suggested by the Human Design Standards Board was $130. (2007)

Phone Readings
Most analysts can do readings over the phone. It is not necessary for you to be physically present.

Life Cycle Analysis
The most important information you will ever receive is your original reading – your birth analysis. Your birth analysis explains the imprint information that you were born with. It is this information that tells you everything about who you are!

There are four types of Life Cycle analysis available:

1. Solar Return – every year approximately 3 months before your birthday
2. Saturn Return – approximately 28 years of age
3. Uranus Opposition – approximately 40 years of age
4. Chiron Return – approximately 50 years of age
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The Basic Concepts of Advaita Vedanta

The Advaita Vedanta focuses on the following basic concepts: Brahman, atman, vidya (knowledge), avidya (ignorance), maya, karma and moksha.

(1) Brahman is the Ultimate, Supreme Reality. Brahman is eternal. Brahman is beyond words. It is beyond names and forms. Brahman can not be perceived nor could it be described by words. It is beyond senses and intellect. It is indefinable. However, if at all it has to be described; Brahman can be considered as Pure Consciousness.

In Vedanta philosophy, the svaroop of Brahman is referred to as Sachchidananda. Brahman is Sachchidananda i.e. SatChittaAnanda (Pure Existence-Pure Consciousness-Pure Bliss). Brahman is eternal, immutable, inexpressible and unthinkable pure-existence, but it is not the cause or the creator of the universe.

(2) Atman is the inmost Self or Spirit of man but different from the ‘empirical ego’. Atman is the fundamental, ultimate, eternal, immutable pure consciousness. Thus, it appears that Brahman is the ultimate reality behind all world-objects and Atman is pure spirit in all beings. Truly speaking, both Brahman and Atman are not different realities. They are identical. For practical purposes, they are referred to separately, which they are not. They are the eternal, all-pervading realities underlying all existence. They are two different ‘labels’ for one and the same reality behind all the objects, all matter, all beings of the universe.

(3) Maya is the unique power (shakti) of Brahman. Maya is trigunatmika; it has three gunas or attributes. But Shuddha Brahman is nirguna and is free from attributes. Shuddha Nirguna Brahman alone is the Supreme Reality. When Nirguna Brahman comes to acquiesce Maya and acknowledges the gunas of maya, it is known as Saguna Brahman. Saguna Brahman is God, the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the world. Saguna Brahman is Ishvara or a ‘personal god.’ Man worships gods in different forms and names.

(4) Brahman manifests itself in the world with the help of Maya. The world and the world objects come into existence due to the power of maya. Maya and its creation is termed illusory. It does not mean that the world is not real. Unreality and illusion are different. An illusion may not be an unreality for an illusion is grounded in reality. Reality is that which exists on its own. Maya is dependent on Brahman. Maya has created the world of appearances. So the world is illusion. But this does not mean at all that the world is non-existent. The Advaita Vedanta, with the help of the famous “rope–snake” illustration, maintains that ‘it is neither ultimately real, nor wholly unreal, illusory and non existent.’

(5) Avidya (ignorance) has its seat in the human intellect. Avidya means not only absence of knowledge, but also erroneous knowledge. A man trapped in Avidya does not know what is real and thinks that the appearances are real. An individual identifies himself with empirical self. He equates his existence with the physical body. Under the influence of Maya and Avidya, he dissociates himself from the Ultimate Reality. When the man acquires knowledge, the duality of the self and Brahman disappears. He realizes that the self is really one with Brahman. This realization of the self puts an end to the ignorance (avidya).

(6) Moksha is freedom from bondage of ignorance. Man suffers in the grip of incessant desires and ignorance. Upon realization of the self, one becomes free from the shackles of desires, aspirations, passions, karma and avidya. This is Moksha (kaivalya) or liberation. Moksha is to be attained here and now during this life-span only.

(7) Knowledge and truth are of two kinds: the lower one and the higher one. The lower, conventional knowledge and truth is referred to as vyavavahrika satya. It is a product of the senses and the intellect. The higher one is referred to the paramarthika satya. It is absolute. It is beyond words, thoughts, perception or conception. It is in no way, related to the senses and the intellect. It is non-perceptual and non-conceptual. It is a product of sublime intuition and “divine vision”. The higher knowledge and truth brings about radical transformation in an individual so it is soteriological.

(8) Advaita Vedanta recognizes the six pramanas (sources and criteria of valid knowledge) on the basis of the Mimamsa school of Kumarila Bhatta. They are as follows: (1) Perception (pratyaksha) (2) Inference (anumana) (3) Testimony(shabda) (4) Comparison (upamana) (5) Postulation (arthapatti) (6) Non-cognition (anupalabdhi)

Source: Indian Philosophy Simplified

Another view (187)

William Adolphe Bouguereau - the youth of Bacchus
William Adolphe Bouguereau – the youth of Bacchus

It would have been the first day of Bacchanalia in ancient Rome today. The Bacchanalia were Roman festivals of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy. They were based on the Greek Dionysian mysteries, and like all mystery cults, the Bacchanalia were held in strict privacy, and initiates were bound to secrecy. Apparently, five night-time cult meetings took place a month, open to all social classes, ages and sexes featuring wine-fuelled violence and sexual promiscuity, in which the screams of the abused were drowned out by the din of drums and cymbals. It was later officially suppressed.

Source: Prehistoric Shamanism

U hebt over vijftien jaar geen auto meer

Brandstofbubbel is 2016

De gevestigde auto-industrie is binnen vijftien jaar weggevaagd

‘Vijf jaar geleden dacht men bij elektrische voertuigen nog aan veredelde golfkarretjes’, zegt een goeroe in schone energie in het Financieele Dagblad. Maar dat beeld van vijf jaar geleden blijkt niet te kloppen, want kijk naar het hogere autosegment. Daar is Tesla prettig aan het disrupten. En die disruptie gaat hard om zich heen grijpen. Zo hard, dat binnen tien jaar de benzine-/dieselauto zoals we die nu kennen is uitgeroeid. En vervolgens het bezitten van een auto. Dat gaat in drie golven. Eerst neemt de elektrische auto alles over, dan komen de zelfrijdende auto’s en vervolgens koop je geen auto meer, maar heb je een abonnement op mobiliteit. En dat vereist een stuk minder auto’s.

[De auto-industrie] zal verschrompelen. De markt voor auto’s zal met 80% krimpen als mensen de voertuigen gaan delen die nu 96% van de tijd stilstaan. Als je die voltijd laat rijden, heb je een dramatisch kleinere voorraad nodig.’

En vervolgens gaat de goeroe door over zonne-energie, de brandstofbubbel en automakers die hun kop in het zand steken. Mocht u vinden dat de man onzin kletst, dan hebben we gelukkig de foto’s nog. Zie hoe snel ‘mobiliteit’ kan veranderen:

Laat de brandstofbubbel maar barsten. Lees hier het hele artikel in het Financieele Dagblad (inclusief slecht nieuws voor taxi-chauffeurs en autoverzekeraars).


An inquiry into the nature of the ‘seer’ and the ‘seen’

“Now is described the world-bound nature of the Atman as well as its associations with the three states, which are possible only when the ego identifies itself with the body: –

10. In the state of deep sleep, when (the thought of) ego disappears[1] the body also becomes unconscious. The state in which there is the half manifestation of the ego is called the dream state[2] and the full manifestation[3] of the ego is the state of waking.


[1] Disappears- The ego merges itself in the causal ignorance which is characterised by the non-apprehension of empirical objects. This state in which there is no perception of duality is called the state of deep sleep. The ego in this state does not identify itself with the body. The result of past Karma, then, is not noticed. Therefore we become unconscious of our body in that state. Compare: “(Therefore he who has crossed that bank) if blind, ceases to be blind; if wounded, ceases to be wounded: if afflicted, ceases to be afflicted.”

[2] Dream state- In the dream state the ego does not perceive any object external to itself. The seer, the objects seen and the act of seeing which constitute the dream experiences are only the mental modifications of the ego. Compare: “There are no (real) chariots in that state, no horses, no roads (but he himself creates chariots, horses and roads).” The dream experiences, though they appear during the dream state as outside the body of the seer, are known to be only modifications of the mind from the standpoint of the waking state. Therefore from the waking standpoint the dream state is only a partial manifestation of the ego.

[3] Full manifestation- In the waking state the ego experiences the gross external objects by means of its internal organs. The ego and the non-ego which constitute the entire world of experience are both cognized in the waking state. In dream it is the mind alone of the sleeper which appears both as the ego and the non-ego. Therefore the full manifestation of the experience covering both ego and non-ego is seen only in the waking condition.” dRRig-dRRishya-viveka – An Inquiry into the Nature of the ‘Seer’ and the ‘Seen’ 1931, with English translation and notes by Swami Nikhilananda, Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, 1976. ISBN 090247927X.

MoonBlog 19.6 wanting

Just like when learning to play a musical instrument, Living Your Design takes practice. Knowing about Human Design for 5 years or even 10, knowing about some descriptions of our type and even owning some books or courses, do just as little for us, as if buying that fancy guitar, knowing all about the wood and other materials that are used, but never ever touching it.

Not learning how to tune it, let alone actually learning to playing it. Whether it being strumming along with someone else, or playing a solo or even making compositions.

Human Design, and Living Your Design is not about how much we know, but about applying it, using it, studying how to use it. Getting examples from others that are using it, and seeing if that relates to anything we know from our own experience of life, or maybe in having seen this in others.

There is nothing wrong with more information per se, actually some information can really support us in seeing things just a little different, an angle we could not see for ourselves, from our own perspective. But then to apply this tool of Human Design, this tool of our Strategy, in our daily life, in our decision making, is truly where it all starts. Or… never gets to start.


As our minds tell us we will never be able to grab that chord, or play as fast as someone else, we make mental decisions with mental arguments to convince ourselves of our inabilities. Which is exactly what we have always done before. It will keep us in the same experience of life that we have always known, only some events are different, some people may have changed, but the structure and outcome will never change.

We won’t play the guitar, we won’t Live Our Design, but continue to talk about how fancy the guitar is, or which other one may be better. How cool our supposed abilities are, how wise we may become in our openness, without every actually going there to experience that actual wisdom.

Afraid as our minds are, to break a string, or even drop the damn thing, to be made a fool of in front of others, we rather wallow in our misery, that is so familiar, and with which we have grown to identify our lives with. To struggle, and disagree with this and that and o yeah, that too.

If we are ready to become free from the clutches of our past, from all that we have known so far, then maybe, find someone who can actually assist you in the first steps of that experience, of Living Your Design.

Not just more information that seems so yummy but probably only acts as another burden, but actual support us with the Strategy to make decisions as ourself. Support with finding out how that works for us. What our actual truth really is. Practice takes effort, and some may go faster than others, so the key is to love yourself too, in that path of whatever your tempo is.

But make sure there is an actual tempo though.
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