Morten Tolboll

Truth or dare?

A Critique of the Human Design System

by Morten Tolboll

“In the following I will give a short introduction to The Human Design System (HDS), followed by six longer comments, where I describe the different kinds of New Age manipulation-tools used in the system. Though the comments relate to HDS, then they are formed as a general critique of these manipulation-tools as such (also see my article Six common traits of New Age that distort spirituality).

HDS is said to be a tool – a system – which you can use, if you want. It is based on old “sciences” such as Kabbala, astrology, and I Ching, which are combined in new ways, and connected to new knowledge within Quantum Physics and genetics. The creator – or rather “The Receiver” of HDS is Alan Robert Krakower. He was born in Montreal, Canada, April 9, 1948. He lived on Ibiza under the name Ra Uru Hu, until his death in 2011.

He was a well-educated and successful businessman, who worked as a contractor and magazine publisher with own advertising agency. After this he gave up his wealth and worked as an artist, poet, musician and composer.

On Ibiza in 1987 he experienced an extrasensory intelligence, which he calls “The Voice.” During eight days and nights he was taught about the mechanical and spiritual structure of the Universe. Immense knowledge and countless details was channeled to him.

The experience was shaking him. Previous he had been arrogant and strongly self-centered. But after the experience he became humble and he created HDS, which, according to him, can replace all old systems.

Ra says, that HDS not is here because of him, but because of a supernova in 1987. Mankind was influenced by the neutrino stream from this supernova – precisely in the eight days and nights, where he received the informations about HDS. It was by the way the first time a supernova could be watched with the naked eye. It took place in Chile on the clear nightsky.

Neutrinos are some strange particles, which have almost no mass, and which travel thousands of light years through space. They move easily through almost everything – you, me, the earth. Their origin is supernovas (dying/exploding suns) and black holes in the universe.

HDS takes it basis in the way the neutrino stream influences our genes on the time of our birth, and on the 88th day before – the day where the soul – according to HDS – goes into the body. This influence creates the energetical background for, how your personal HDS design chart looks like. The design from which everything are interpretated. It is your genetic blueprint, created by the neutrinos on the day of your birth, combined with the situation 88 days before.

HDS is a complex system of types, definitions, profiles, lines and gates, and their connections in between create a detailed model of you and your purpose in life. According to Ra, then every human being has a unique archetypical nature, which has to be investigated and expressed. Not by doing something, but by being yourself. With HDS you will get better in making decisions, because you live in accordance with your design – your true nature.

HDS is in that way a tool to find your inner authority – and your strategy of life. To know your lifestrategy and inner authority is the same as knowing which type you are. HDS works with four human types: Generators, manifestors, projectors and reflectors.

The six comments to The Human Design System are:
1) Pseudoscience
2) Karma and channeling
3) Personality typing
4) Astrology
5) Paradigm shifts
6) The “science” of awakening”

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