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“Any reflector’s group to join ? I would love to join an online community”

Often run by non studying non deconditioning admins who think New Age religion and pseudo psycho analysis with subjective moralism is the way, preferably combined with Myers-Briggs, colour yoga, mineral hugging and countless years of youtube Astrology. Not a great place for unsuspecting Reflectors to be.

Your mileage may vary 😉

Knackered and fuckered

I visited a buddy on Sunday, helping with the settings on his 3d printer that we modified together

He tells me on monday he is not going to work cause he got a high fever

I feel my throat a little but an occasional cough is not that weird

The next morning I’m fucked and fucked over. It’s like all my nerve endings are firing as if there is pain, muscle aches but also serious brain aches, my jaw, my teeth, inside my teeth, inside my brain, my neck

The internet says; no cure, wait it out, up to max 10 days

And I could have sworn paracetamol used to be 4x 2 tablets a day, is now max 6 per day total.

meanwhile the builders want to install the city/water heating, but they’re not coming cause the neighbours are not also home, so I wait and wait, till I finally get back into bed

Wait, comma, pause.

I sleep another 9 hours, in between I have some little foods, and more paracetamol, and just sleep, or try to.

then some tv watching in the middle of the night, now, the next morning, my multiple aches seem gone but my throat hurts real bad. And I’m so tired, pffff

Put on some thermo underwear, but still a little cold, brrrr

Which reminds me of:

47.4 Repression. The constraints of external oppression.
Exalted: The strength of identity that even in times of the most powerful oppression can maintain its resources and to some extent ensure their survival for the benefit of others. A sense of identity that can be maintained despite external conditioning.
Detriment: When robbed of its light, the Moon is lost in darkness; barely able to nourish itself, let alone others. The identity overwhelmed by external conditioning.

Keynote: Self-empowering of zelfbevrediging?

art by Felicitas Driessen ©®™

In Human Design worden specifieke woorden gebruikt om bepaalde eigenschappen te duiden. Dit heet keynoting. Een ander woord voor keynote is ‘grondtoon’ maar ook ‘trefwoord’. Het Engels kent meerdere lagen van het woord keynote. Human Design is ook een heel gelaagd systeem en de keynotes zijn als het ware tonen of trillingen waar het lichaam en je DNA op resoneert.

Gedurende mijn PTL-opleiding (opleiding tot professioneel analist) moesten wij als studenten wekelijks huiswerk insturen waarbij wij voortdurend begeleid werden in het correct en nauwkeurig gebruik van de keynotes. Het werk werd ingestuurd en vervolgens kregen wij op een A-4tje feedback teruggestuurd. Wij werden als het ware ‘gedrild’ op keynoting. Kortom ik heb geleerd om het beestje bij de naam te noemen volgens het Human Design Systeem van Ra Uru Hu.

Onlangs schreef ik over wat het programma voor 2024 door de lens van Human Design in petto heeft. Hierop kreeg ik een reactie omtrent het gebruik van het woord ‘overleven’ voor kanaal 57-10 ipv ‘self-empowerment’ met als reden dat het woord ‘overleven’ mensen bang maakt en een lage trilling heeft en met het woord ‘self-empowerment’ til je mensen op en zend je een hogere trilling de wereld in en het betrof immers een integratiekanaal waarbij ‘het tenslotte om self-empowerment draait’.
Het bericht eindigde met ‘als je mij vraagt zou ik het zo doen’. Uhm, a) ik heb je niet om jouw mening gevraagd én b) ik ben ik en doe de dingen op mijn eigen wijze. Je kunt ‘als je mij vraagt’ ook omdraaien zoals Byron Katie altijd zegt: “turn it around” en mij vragen waarom heb je het zo gedaan? Nou, wel hierom:

Ik gebruik de keynotes zoals ik het geleerd heb volgens het Human Design Systeem van Ra Uru Hu. Niet het Human Design van Karen Curry, Richard Rudd, Steve Rhodes of wie dan ook. En met die originele kennis begon ik destijds te observeren en al vrij snel begonnen de kwartjes te vallen waarop ik oud ingesleten niet-zelf gedrag achterwege kon laten. Als ik een stuk schrijf, is het nooit slechts vanuit de theorie, maar vanuit een combinatie met mijn eigen ervaring.

Waar gaat het over? Het thema van het Rave New Year. De definitie van kanaal 57-10, kanaal van de perfecte vorm, een design van overleven. Waarom zou ik dat anders noemen? Nou omdat, zo schrijft deze persoon, naar eigen zeggen ‘een expert’ van het Human Design systeem, ik mensen bang maak door het woord ‘overleven’ te gebruiken ipv ‘self-empowerment’ en daarmee een lage frequentie de wereld instuur. Ik heb dat even laten bezinken. En……. Wauw! Ik bedoel……WAUW! Human Design keynotes misbruiken als wapen door mij emotioneel te framen als iemand die mensen bang maakt en lage frequenties de wereld instuurt om jezelf te verheffen als een beter mens die mensen bekrachtigd in hun zijn? Dat heet ego-vergroting als ik mij niet vergis.

Even laten bezinken en het levert inspiratie op. Deze blog bijvoorbeeld. Stel ik had geschreven zoals de commentator beliefde. Het thema van 2024 gaat over ‘self-empowerment’ oftewel zelf-bekrachtiging vanuit het integratie kanaal van de 57-10.
Klinkt dat goed of wat? Of is het uiteindelijk inhoudsloze ijdeltuiterij? Niemand bang, iedereen blij met ….ehm…..niets? Waar gaat het eigenlijk over?

Een reflector-vriend die ik persoonlijk als een expert beschouw onder de Human Design Professionals vat deze benadering van het systeem samen als: “Allemaal zelfbevrediging zonder ooit echt klaar te komen.”
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“I went from wanting to fight for Sjef to wanting to fight Sjef.”

I say, she initiated everything from her own mind, starting on feb 12, 2021 with:

“ok new question, are you interested in a romantic relationship with me?”

a lot has happened, and most if not all just turned out strange if not weird, including her visiting me. We each walked away a few times.

Until all of a sudden, she planned for me visiting her, again, as in, planned to make it happen, planned. October 1st 2023:

“The will is being initiated to get u on a plane to come to meet here. Only if/when it is correct for u. I don’t know if you need an American passport, but the money is available for u if needed and it’s correct, you can keep the money if not.”

I can’t come to US, nor do I need a US passport for this, can probably never get one. Each citizen of each country has a passport of their respective country, unless they go through a whole lot of work and effort to change citizenship to that other country. And then…

“will write tomorrow about plan (for visit)”

I replied: “Please do not email me, at all, anymore. Not now, not in a year, not in 10 years.” The end…? Right? Right!

(ofcourse) 15 days later she writes:

“Can i come to you in the netherlands I’m sorry about before “

So I think it is ‘stupid question day’ today and reply: “Can you send 500 bucks? Today?”
One of her many replies is:

“no I don’t have 500 bucks to give”

So I say: “375?”
After some back and forth, she sends me 375 and then becomes angry. Pffrt. At least silence, for now….Right? Right!

Januari 4th 2024:

“Hi. Wanna talk?”

So another payment link is sent…The end…? Right? Right!

The Reflector

Your authority is not simply the emotional ‘there is no truth in now.’ For you, there is only truth after a cycle of the Moon. This is your key. And it’s only then that you can begin to experience the Reflector life, not muse on it, ponder it, but to experience it in all of its richness and depth. Follow your Strategy and Authority. Honor the Moon. Be a true Reflector, and in being a true Reflector find that surprise that you can transcend all of those forces that have dominated you forever, you can, and that you can fulfill your purpose. — Ra Uru Hu

Right is Might

So one of the things I’m noticing, especially in my more personal/intimate relationships, is how the other will consistently weigh and measure you with self made-up measuring sticks, including HD, as a means to badger you with ego proving gibberish.

Weaponizing HD, but mainly psycho-analysing you through HD, without the credit HD also gives the Types, only the negatives are seen/measured and then thrown at you, for good ‘measure’.

Sure we can talk about my autism, that “he always sits at his computer”. It is not untrue.
But what are -you- offering instead, great conversations?

And even if so, then one needs breaks from those too, per my Type. Perfectly fine per my Type, per my correct behaviour, per what is correct -for me-. And, your pussy is not that good.

This constant needing to prove ones self, instead of just being human and porkin out, breathing, acclimatising, vibrating, ondulating, contemplate, let it simmer, marinating, or maybe even fucking oblivion. While they’re demanding super human behaviour, or even super human design behaviour, you -have to be- perfect, or else.

And what was then the attraction, you may ask? Energetic, frequency, something to connect with. You connect or even bond energetically, there is a connection.

However, initial connections are never truthful, everyone is always hiding, hiding something, some things. And then slowly slowly they open their mind to you, and that is when the poop starts to pour out, the horse shit, the hurt, the anger, the anguish, the self pity and the external blame(s).

Suggestion: read their blogs first, read their online interaction and skirmishes, first. See if you like -that- person. Cause so many people, are simply very hurt, very broken. Some internalize this and seek some form of comfort or healing, and some only externalize and bite your head off, first chance they get, first thing you ‘say wrong’.

This is my ‘mistake’, cause you jump to the energetic connect, but you’re going to interact with that broken ego/mind too. You will definitely meet it.

Pretending it is part of the experiment, this constant measuring with HD or anything else, this consistent moralistic badgering, pretending to be in the experiment, or being a good (whatever the fuck your Type is)

This constant need to prove behaviour, or be psychologically dissected on anything/everything the whole mf-ing time.

Whichever lens they use, but always as a weapon, never as a means to explore for instance.
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It is not a struggle, but you have to accept both, not just one.

“Come to your own darkness, and accept the mechanical. Linger in light, but the mechanical demands a strategy. It is not a struggle, but you have to accept both, not just one.

Accept being in the Maia fully, and living your type seamlessly. You’ll get the normal chaos of human life, plus this deep, deep quiet, which is the recognition of the mechanical and your own helplessness in that.

The mechanical is at peace in the Maia and okay with what happens. After all, it’s not up to us; it never will be. Letting go is not a philosophy, but takes seven years. You have to go through the pain, as the Maia is dense. By working your way through it and grasp it deeply, then you can jump out of all of that.

Get to point where you are saying, “Yes, there are these two domains – the movie here and the truth of the mechanics there. I have no problem with those two living with each other.”

Life goes on, and nothing changes, as you still make your choices in the Maia. If you enter the Maia process correctly, live in the Maia correctly, then it won’t constantly occupy you. By accepting these two ways, these two forms, you see that you create one and experience the other. In that acceptance, one truly awakens.

In your own way you’re your own process, you will get to that point, and get to see the state of awareness. So take out the garbage. We think it’s so special, but really it’s not a privilege or a right. If you move correctly, you get the reward. No choice in that.” – Ra Uru Hu

It’s a Long Process to Awakening Intellectually

“Everything about being yourself is that if you don’t honor that definition, there’s no differentiation. So, there are a huge amount of humans who are simply just overwhelmed. And they’re walking around ignorant, ignorant in the deepest way. Let alone that half of them, it’s not even half, it’s one aspect, it’s all unconscious— lost souls; a planet full of lost souls. The first thing you do is you put their vehicle on the right path. And then you begin this laborious process of awakening them intellectually.

Think about your own processes, think about the depth of this knowledge because many of you, I know, have gone very deep and have been in this quite some time. There are still aspects within you, as you go through your process that are unsure about this or that. There are still conflicts daily with your mind trying to step in. There are still times where you forget that your mind has just told you what to do and you’re doing it. It is quite something to understand this impact. It’s so profound.

The only thing that it does for us is realign us over and over again to the basics of maintaining, not simply the formula, but really pursuing at the intellectual level deeper and deeper and deeper until you get to those places where each point is another point of surrender because that’s what it’s about. The passenger is almost insatiable. One never knows; you can feed the passenger the truth and it will go as far as it can go, and not always does the truth lead to awareness. Knowledge is not power. But it is certainly a way in which the being finally has a language to be able to identify the negative forces in their process.

The moment that you can understand those negative forces, you can smell them when they show up. You can smell them; they’re there, instantly. It’s what I love so much about the maya. It’s such an incredible thing. The moment that you describe it, you can access it. It’s sort of a cosmic four-dimensional or nine-dimensional Google. You write it in and there it is, full-blooded and whole. It’s incredible.” – Ra Uru Hu

“For what reason, I don’t know”

careful to not blame or claim things that are yours to reflection and amplification too easily, as many do, do

you emote, you feel, sense, you breathe, you laugh, you cry, etc 😉

all yours, even while among other people/auras

if you would have 0 activations, so no gates, then maybe yes, you might be all reflection, but you have up to 26 activations yourself, they (inter)act 😉

The Transits are like the weather, we do not become the rain, we get wet.

But more so, there is no Root in the Transits, only people and objects can have centers, but nothing actually gets defined, it is just a graphic representation of said energies, but there are no floating centers anywhere in space or something. So the root is not open, or ever defined, in the Transits. Only people that get born now or in 88-ish days get these transits as their imprints, defined (activated at least)

Also, effects is always 1+1, so you plus said energy/transit = perceived result/experience.

And then (yes there is more) even if born the exact same day and time, transit energies can have a very different effect on each individual, because we are, unique individuals.

Space/uni-bi-verse itself might have centers?

I guess

I’m fed up with all the psychological issues of people, not with HD, but how people need psychological and often emotional assistance (and a cuddle or fuck), but then go to/through all these modalities, so called self help journey into some form of psychology spirituality, when they actually, or also need psychological assistance. Like I need it now, after trying to help and support myself and so so very many people for 15 whole years (last friday) through HD.

I’m pooped, I’m wasted, I don’t have the stamina anymore, or at least this is how I perceive it 😉

The horrific stories I have heard and listened to, trying to support people with, pfffrf, I can’t take it anymore. Many of you/me/we/us are fucking crazy!

MoonBlog 56.1
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SunBlog 20.3

Weirdos in the mail

weirdo: “Hey man , i noticed your comment on one of the human design posts about resources to learn and all , i was wondering if you have any of ra uru hu courses and you can share them with me , i’m not interested in becoming certified nor i can pay for the material (third world country we make like 1 dollar an hour or something) i just want to learn and listen to courses / audiobooks from ra uru himself and apply them to myself to live my design and become who i truly am , if you can help it would be highly appreciated”

That, which you can not stop thinking and talking about

as the mind is just on repeat, repetitive mantras, uttered a thousand times, re-mind-ing yourself of that which needs no reminding of at all, of you loving, losing all truth and value as we bla and blah. When the phrase I love you, becomes a religion all by itself, a religious practice for happy hormones, dopamine, as you soothe your way through life, pretending to love someone.
You may want to try some meditative therapy:

MoonBlog 41.2 caution

I guess, I’m seeing 3 ‘levels’

1. how we behave from the mind/not-self in the 7 centered world as if we are 7 centered. Some parts are self, inescapably, yet most is a huge exaggeration of that which we are not. References to the HD chart are usually/mostly a mis interpretation, just mind trying to make a non solvable puzzle fit/stick. If you push this button, you get this result. The land of psychology and being unhinged.

2. how HD describes us according to our chart, after at least 7 years deconditioning, at least, obliterating/annihilating ‘level’ 1. A new baseline of interacting with the world. If you push this button, we don’t know what the results will be, yet stability?

3. just living S&A (and sometimes not), in part even transcending ‘level’ 2, which then becomes information but not truth and simply doesn’t fucking matter anymore as you can simply be, dualistically yourself, in all kinds of colors and shapes and movement and behaviour, untethered. As an observable result, but nothing to strive for or manipulate towards.
Fuck any button pushing, complete irrelevance.
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Tense past

Today the feeling has passed somewhat, but over the last weeks, if not months I get this incredible sense of depression, when I think about how we are living on this Earth. How societies operate, that we all need to make some money to live, and most of people, just barely scrape by.

Does not matter if you live in France, or in Thailand, USA, the Congo, Morocco. This notion of humanity and evolution and technological advances, hampered, and interrupted, by this constant need for just the basic needs, barely. Again and again and again.

How even if here in the Netherlands, almost everyone got a 10 percent increase/raise, it was called for cause the prices had already increased by more. Even if everyone would get say 200-400 bucks a month more, the market would immediately adjust for sucking up the difference.
It is, however unintentional, rigged.

Of course this was triggered by my own shaky financial situation, which is now a bit more stable once again, but as a Reflector looking at yours; my friends, my loved ones, my network and far far beyond, I feel really fucking down and depressed.

Wanted to let you know, somehow, I see and it hurts.

MoonBlog 9.3
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“There’s a moon tracker for reflectors that shows them how their design changes with the moon cycle.”

no one’s design changes by Transits, its all just external influence. It’s just wrong to word it like that. People, including Reflectors, believe the weirdest shit about their chart and HD.

Besides, the Reflectors sampling experience is about -all- 64 Gates, not only when on the surface of the map, this Transit connects to that activation and forms a -temporary conditioning channel-.

For instance, I don’t have Gate 30 activated, nor Gate 41, but it can have an incredibly deep affect on me. But when Gate 10 is in the Transits, forming a temporary conditioning channel to my 20, nothing, not a thing. Yet everyone is running wild about how it should, would, could affect me.

This is why journaling your factual experience and perception is key. Not staring at some colors on a piece of paper and pretending it is this, or that.

I did a thing today

I deleted my Reflector Sessions webpage and blog access, Reflector Sessions Facebook page and its linked Baffo Instagram page

I no longer wish to be that ‘advertorial’ or using these as identifiers, of me, of what it is to be me.
It just does not matter (anymore) in this format or way.

I might rejuvenate the website with my MoonBlogs and the 2 Reflector pages, but as Sjef, not as some identity called ‘Reflector Sessions’.

MoonBlog 51.5

[edit] from 3422 to 0, back to 267 873 posts on blog now

an appearance, an identity, it weighed on me to keep it up or maintaining it as such. People are looking for (a) structured support, and I was providing that in this way. Seeking things to be businesses, schools, ‘professionals’, with registrations and certifications, tax deductible formats and whatever else.

But I’m just me, and that’s fine/enough.