June 2024

Correctness, cares not for the Outer Circumstances

Life, the Outer Circumstances trigger us to make our decisions, but we make them regardless of the very exact same Outer Circumstances. Correctness is not logic.

So who ever runs any business, or their hierarchy is not -a reason- for correctness, at all. Else it is just another moral system all over again and you have chosen with your mind Richard.

Besides, they too are a perfectly fine Outer Authority, it -may- however not be correct for you, but not -because- of them not being dentists!

Remember, duality and differentiation….?

For the hard hearing: only mind argues and needs argumentation for correctness, like some person being this or that, or not being this or that. But those are mental reasons and reasoning, it is not the Inner Authority. And Richard here uses those arguments to qualify his Inner Authority, by weighing and measuring with his mind arguments for or against these people. Which is completely besides the point.

Him reading the request and going ‘Uh-uh’ is the Sacral, which is his Inner Authority, everything else (the research, this video as an example) is just nonsensical argumentation which is not the Inner Authority and is not an example of what Inner Authority is.

Besides the title ‘resisting incorrect Outer Authority’ sounds as if they are a wrongful Outer Authority (further elaborated by going deeper into them being into counter terrorism or management), but there is nothing wrong with them being this Outer Authority. All that matters is, what is your Inner Authority’s response to it. Not what it is that your Inner Authority says no to.

Richard replies there:
Well, if you have dug as deep as I have you may see that the questions that are asked on their forms provide information that could be used against you in the future. My response got me to look further. I encourage you to consider doing the same.

Rotating Moon from LRO

Rotating Moon from LRO
Video Credit: NASA, LRO, Arizona State U.
Explanation: No one, presently, sees the Moon rotate like this. That’s because the Earth’s moon is tidally locked to the Earth, showing us only one side. Given modern digital technology, however, combined with many detailed images returned by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a high resolution virtual Moon rotation movie has been composed. The featured time-lapse video starts with the standard Earth view of the Moon. Quickly, though, Mare Orientale, a large crater with a dark center that is difficult to see from the Earth, rotates into view just below the equator. From an entire lunar month condensed into 24 seconds, the video clearly shows that the Earth side of the Moon contains an abundance of dark lunar maria, while the lunar far side is dominated by bright lunar highlands. Currently, over 32 new missions to the Moon are under active development from multiple countries and companies, including NASA’s Artemis program which aims to land people on the Moon again within the next few years.

Source: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap240602.html