“Any reflector’s group to join ? I would love to join an online community”

Often run by non studying non deconditioning admins who think New Age religion and pseudo psycho analysis with subjective moralism is the way, preferably combined with Myers-Briggs, colour yoga, mineral hugging and countless years of youtube Astrology. Not a great place for unsuspecting Reflectors to be.

Your mileage may vary 😉

A Most Powerful Adversary

Kevin: “If you want me to do something, just fucking say it.”

Patti: “I’m glad you finally asked, Kevin. There is something you need to do.
In Cairo, Egypt, there is an ancient artifact. It’s in a museum now. They found it in the tomb of Amenhotep. Scholars call it the wishing cup. You need to acquire this cup. It’s more of a chalice, actually. It’s gonna be heavily guarded, but you need to get it any way you can. Because once you do, you need to fill it with your cum, Kevin. And then you need to drink it down. Every last drop.

Jesus, Kevin! I have no fucking idea what you’re supposed to do.”

Keynote: Self-empowering of zelfbevrediging?

art by Felicitas Driessen ©®™

In Human Design worden specifieke woorden gebruikt om bepaalde eigenschappen te duiden. Dit heet keynoting. Een ander woord voor keynote is ‘grondtoon’ maar ook ‘trefwoord’. Het Engels kent meerdere lagen van het woord keynote. Human Design is ook een heel gelaagd systeem en de keynotes zijn als het ware tonen of trillingen waar het lichaam en je DNA op resoneert.

Gedurende mijn PTL-opleiding (opleiding tot professioneel analist) moesten wij als studenten wekelijks huiswerk insturen waarbij wij voortdurend begeleid werden in het correct en nauwkeurig gebruik van de keynotes. Het werk werd ingestuurd en vervolgens kregen wij op een A-4tje feedback teruggestuurd. Wij werden als het ware ‘gedrild’ op keynoting. Kortom ik heb geleerd om het beestje bij de naam te noemen volgens het Human Design Systeem van Ra Uru Hu.

Onlangs schreef ik over wat het programma voor 2024 door de lens van Human Design in petto heeft. Hierop kreeg ik een reactie omtrent het gebruik van het woord ‘overleven’ voor kanaal 57-10 ipv ‘self-empowerment’ met als reden dat het woord ‘overleven’ mensen bang maakt en een lage trilling heeft en met het woord ‘self-empowerment’ til je mensen op en zend je een hogere trilling de wereld in en het betrof immers een integratiekanaal waarbij ‘het tenslotte om self-empowerment draait’.
Het bericht eindigde met ‘als je mij vraagt zou ik het zo doen’. Uhm, a) ik heb je niet om jouw mening gevraagd én b) ik ben ik en doe de dingen op mijn eigen wijze. Je kunt ‘als je mij vraagt’ ook omdraaien zoals Byron Katie altijd zegt: “turn it around” en mij vragen waarom heb je het zo gedaan? Nou, wel hierom:

Ik gebruik de keynotes zoals ik het geleerd heb volgens het Human Design Systeem van Ra Uru Hu. Niet het Human Design van Karen Curry, Richard Rudd, Steve Rhodes of wie dan ook. En met die originele kennis begon ik destijds te observeren en al vrij snel begonnen de kwartjes te vallen waarop ik oud ingesleten niet-zelf gedrag achterwege kon laten. Als ik een stuk schrijf, is het nooit slechts vanuit de theorie, maar vanuit een combinatie met mijn eigen ervaring.

Waar gaat het over? Het thema van het Rave New Year. De definitie van kanaal 57-10, kanaal van de perfecte vorm, een design van overleven. Waarom zou ik dat anders noemen? Nou omdat, zo schrijft deze persoon, naar eigen zeggen ‘een expert’ van het Human Design systeem, ik mensen bang maak door het woord ‘overleven’ te gebruiken ipv ‘self-empowerment’ en daarmee een lage frequentie de wereld instuur. Ik heb dat even laten bezinken. En……. Wauw! Ik bedoel……WAUW! Human Design keynotes misbruiken als wapen door mij emotioneel te framen als iemand die mensen bang maakt en lage frequenties de wereld instuurt om jezelf te verheffen als een beter mens die mensen bekrachtigd in hun zijn? Dat heet ego-vergroting als ik mij niet vergis.

Even laten bezinken en het levert inspiratie op. Deze blog bijvoorbeeld. Stel ik had geschreven zoals de commentator beliefde. Het thema van 2024 gaat over ‘self-empowerment’ oftewel zelf-bekrachtiging vanuit het integratie kanaal van de 57-10.
Klinkt dat goed of wat? Of is het uiteindelijk inhoudsloze ijdeltuiterij? Niemand bang, iedereen blij met ….ehm…..niets? Waar gaat het eigenlijk over?

Een reflector-vriend die ik persoonlijk als een expert beschouw onder de Human Design Professionals vat deze benadering van het systeem samen als: “Allemaal zelfbevrediging zonder ooit echt klaar te komen.”
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“I went from wanting to fight for Sjef to wanting to fight Sjef.”

I say, she initiated everything from her own mind, starting on feb 12, 2021 with:

“ok new question, are you interested in a romantic relationship with me?”

a lot has happened, and most if not all just turned out strange if not weird, including her visiting me. We each walked away a few times.

Until all of a sudden, she planned for me visiting her, again, as in, planned to make it happen, planned. October 1st 2023:

“The will is being initiated to get u on a plane to come to meet here. Only if/when it is correct for u. I don’t know if you need an American passport, but the money is available for u if needed and it’s correct, you can keep the money if not.”

I can’t come to US, nor do I need a US passport for this, can probably never get one. Each citizen of each country has a passport of their respective country, unless they go through a whole lot of work and effort to change citizenship to that other country. And then…

“will write tomorrow about plan (for visit)”

I replied: “Please do not email me, at all, anymore. Not now, not in a year, not in 10 years.” The end…? Right? Right!

(ofcourse) 15 days later she writes:

“Can i come to you in the netherlands I’m sorry about before “

So I think it is ‘stupid question day’ today and reply: “Can you send 500 bucks? Today?”
One of her many replies is:

“no I don’t have 500 bucks to give”

So I say: “375?”
After some back and forth, she sends me 375 and then becomes angry. Pffrt. At least silence, for now….Right? Right!

Januari 4th 2024:

“Hi. Wanna talk?”

So another payment link is sent…The end…? Right? Right!

Right is Might

So one of the things I’m noticing, especially in my more personal/intimate relationships, is how the other will consistently weigh and measure you with self made-up measuring sticks, including HD, as a means to badger you with ego proving gibberish.

Weaponizing HD, but mainly psycho-analysing you through HD, without the credit HD also gives the Types, only the negatives are seen/measured and then thrown at you, for good ‘measure’.

Sure we can talk about my autism, that “he always sits at his computer”. It is not untrue.
But what are -you- offering instead, great conversations?

And even if so, then one needs breaks from those too, per my Type. Perfectly fine per my Type, per my correct behaviour, per what is correct -for me-. And, your pussy is not that good.

This constant needing to prove ones self, instead of just being human and porkin out, breathing, acclimatising, vibrating, ondulating, contemplate, let it simmer, marinating, or maybe even fucking oblivion. While they’re demanding super human behaviour, or even super human design behaviour, you -have to be- perfect, or else.

And what was then the attraction, you may ask? Energetic, frequency, something to connect with. You connect or even bond energetically, there is a connection.

However, initial connections are never truthful, everyone is always hiding, hiding something, some things. And then slowly slowly they open their mind to you, and that is when the poop starts to pour out, the horse shit, the hurt, the anger, the anguish, the self pity and the external blame(s).

Suggestion: read their blogs first, read their online interaction and skirmishes, first. See if you like -that- person. Cause so many people, are simply very hurt, very broken. Some internalize this and seek some form of comfort or healing, and some only externalize and bite your head off, first chance they get, first thing you ‘say wrong’.

This is my ‘mistake’, cause you jump to the energetic connect, but you’re going to interact with that broken ego/mind too. You will definitely meet it.

Pretending it is part of the experiment, this constant measuring with HD or anything else, this consistent moralistic badgering, pretending to be in the experiment, or being a good (whatever the fuck your Type is)

This constant need to prove behaviour, or be psychologically dissected on anything/everything the whole mf-ing time.

Whichever lens they use, but always as a weapon, never as a means to explore for instance.
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On His 75th birthday

On His 75th birthday, Nikola Tesla gave an interview with the press. During the interview the conversation led to the subject of the human mind. This is what Tesla had to say:

“We are all automatons,” he reflected, “obeying external influences. We are entirely under the control of agents that beat on our senses from all directions of the outside world. Being merely receivers from the outside, it is a very important question how good the receivers are – some are sensitive and receive accurately. Others are sluggish and their reception is blurred. The individual who is a better machine has so much greater chance of achieving success and happiness. An individual who is an offender of law is a machine in which one or another organ has been deranged, so that the responses are no longer accurate.

“There is no chance in nature, although the modern theory of indeterminacy attempts to show scientifically that events are governed by chance. I positively deny that. The causes and effects, however complex, are intimately linked, and the result of all inferences must be inevitably fixed as by a mathematical formula.

“I also absolutely deny the existence of individuality. It took me not less than twenty years to develop a faculty to trace every thought or act of mine to an external influence. We are just waves in time and space, changing continuously, and the illusion of individuality is produced through the concatenation of the rapidly succeeding phases of existence. What we define as likeness is merely the result of the symmetrical arrangement of molecules which compose our body.”

“How about the soul – the spirit?” he was asked.

“Ah,” he exclaimed, “but there is no soul or spirit. These are merely expressions of the functions of the body. These life functions cease with death and so do soul and spirit.

“What humanity needs is ideals. Idealism is the force that will free us from material fetters.” – Dr. Nikola Tesla
(“Tesla Seeks to Send Power to Planets.” New York Times, July 11, 1931.)

“To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order. Man, like the universe, is a machine. Nothing enters our minds or determines our actions which is not directly or indirectly a response to stimuli beating upon our sense organs from without. Owing to the similarity of our construction and the sameness of our environment, we respond in like manner to similar stimuli, and from the concordance of our reactions, understanding is barn. In the course of ages, mechanisms of infinite complexity are developed, but what we call “soul ” or “spirit,” is nothing more than the sum of the functionings of the body. When this functioning ceases, the “soul” or the “spirit” ceases likewise.“ – Dr. Nikola Tesla
(“A Machine to End War.” Liberty Magazine, February 9, 1935.)