I blame the unborn entity for the idiocy of Jonah Dempcy

o yes, namedropping 🙂
And, yeah ego/mind likes to blame, to seek blame for things happening in life, so, when contemplating it, who to blame really? the parents of the unborn entitity? 😉

Friday I got this question: “🤣 it’s impressive how you can be at the center of shenanigans without even being in the groups! If someone is saying something about you, do you want to know?

‘haha tell me 🙂
assholes 😃’

Jonah Dempcy on Friday May 24th 2024 at 18:01 UTC:
Side note – if anyone knows Sjef Romijn, he has been spreading erroneous information about Reflectors for at least 7 years now, saying that Ra was wrong about the 29.5 day lunar month cycle, and that it’s actually 27.3 day sidereal lunar cycle, since that is how long it takes for the Moon to return to the same gate and line. Ra is pretty clear that the 29.5 day lunar cycle is what must occur for these 62 steps to happen which is the completion of one full cycle of all the processes included in the channels, regardless of activation. So, just one of many, many cases where Sjef is completely wrong. He’s also said, for instance, that with his 2nd Color Determination he only eats what he likes, and he likes fast food, Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s and the like-needless to say, he blocked me years ago, and if he hadn’t, I sure would have- and I recommend everyone else block him, too, as he has absolutely nothing to contribute to the study of Human Design or, seemingly, to humanity as a whole. That being said, someone may want to tell him he’s wrong about the Reflector lunar cycle and should stop telling people it’s 27.3 days. Roger Campbell if you’d like to be the messenger perhaps your 5th Line can call him out on it!

and the comments are:

Michel Sc:
Jonah Dempcy he blocked me too

Roger Campbell:
Sjef…..is my Birthday twin actually.
there are minor differences in our chart on the surface.
I believe the D moons…I carry the 23 and he doubles up on the 20.
The substructure is radically different, and I carry fifteen projection lines and live in that sphere. That is not him.
HE blocked me about five maybe six years ago and I have not spoken with or to him since.
one of us like A major and the other is A flat as notes in music.
Great notes in a scale of music….but two notes that probably are not going to do all that well in the same key.
I cannot say I know him at all at this point because I have not seen or interacted with him in years.
Beyond that….I have no further comment.

So my first action is:
‘hey dipshit, you’ve been unblocked for ages, after -begging- me for it twice’
See here: https://www.mcha.nl/2022/06/28/sunblog-52-4-self-discipline/
and here: https://www.mcha.nl/2023/01/29/sunblog-19-2-service/

Michel Sc: “oh that’s good nees
But how come I didn’t see any of your comments
I’ll delete my comment then, since it false statement

me: ’cause I’m no longer in any of the hd groups, duh’

Michel Sc: “Ok thanks I appreciate

me: ‘but such a fun topic to talk about me and whom I block or not’

Michel Sc: “Well I didn’t say anything about the content of the text.
Because I don’t care

me: ‘but why say whether I blocked you or not
how is this helpful in an HD topic?’

Michel Sc: “Because I selfishly wanted in the past to absorb content of legit people. For my own experiment and deconditionning. Selfish purpose. Since 90% of HD available is horseshit.
You decided to block me when it was not necessary, so you directly cut one of my HSD sources when I needed it.
And your question is a mental one, implying that there is a mental reasoning behind my comment.

me: ‘:-D’ and blocked again
I mean, come on “You decided to block me when it was not necessary, so you directly cut one of my HD sources when I needed it.”
they really can not let you make your own decisions can they? The poor victim and me the perpetrator 😀 😀 I really do not owe you anything. So yeah, long way to go still buddy.

So Roger Campbell wrote: “HE blocked me about five maybe six years ago and I have not spoken with or to him since.

but that is not very true since Roger wrote me on September 9th in 2020:

I’ll leave it at that 😉

A later received commenter River Vee writes:
Thank fuck. Im too soft. Took his lyd. Was shocked with the way he spoke to a 14 yr old kid reflector. Wont go into descriptives, it was not appropriate.

me: Well Vedran, funny since there was no 14 yr old kid reflector in the lyd, so I have no clue what this is about, yet your comment is just enticing enough to attract a lot of negative attention and making imaginations run wild. It reminds me of this HD soap blog: https://www.mcha.nl/2018/05/30/a-not-so-human-design-soap/

When saying something is not appropriate, you’re just another homogenizer too, a moral fascist, you do not understand duality and differentiation. So here is a picture for you (and yes, duality has a place for moral fascists too):

Now, back to Jonah’s comment and the mechanical part. But I will get just as personal as Jonah does, first off:
Jonah, your mom is helpless and incompetent.


Ok more seriously: in my studies with HD, I trained with other people, who give you encouragement or feedback, tell you where and why you are off, very helpful since I can be. Very human of me. And I think, you never studied with others, you only got the books and the recordings, yet never got any feedback on your mindfucks. Well, they said, do the math. tauntingly so, it seemed to me.

So one day, I did, do the math, and came up short. Back then it was obvious that it was not the 29.5 days lunar cycle of the phases, but most where hovering around 28.5 days, rarely some said 28 days.
And so I grabbed a bunch of HD Ephemerises from Human Design America/Genoa Bliven at the time, and did the math, filled up the spreadsheet and let it crunch the numbers together with timeanddate.com which is ~10 years already, results here: https://www.mcha.nl/2014/07/31/lunar-cycle-calculations/

In part also confirmed by Genoa Bliven:
written out (february 2014):
Sjef Romijn The wikipedia page on sidereal duration and my 2012 and 2013 overviews speak of 27.3 days, where did the 28.5 days come from?

Genoa Bliven: The 28+ days is the phase of the Moon and the 27.3 days is the sidereal cycle. The word “Siderial” refers to the back ground of “the stars” and this cycle reflects the actual return of the Moon to its pervious position in the previous cycle. In the Human Design zodiac this refers the return to the same gate and line. The return to its same “phase” is called the Synodic period, which is 28+days, where the Sun, Moon and Earth are in the same relative positions. This cycle repeats every 20 years on the same solar calendar day.

Sjef Romijn Thank you for replying Genoa Bliven, much appreciated, but…
if the Human Design is not Sidereal and indeed not Synodic (which is 29.5+ days), what is (it)?
Now I’ve only researched 2 years so far but they are near dead on with the Sidereal.
Where does the 28.5 days come from and… relate to, which motion, or is there not yet a term for it? Hoping my questions are clear.

Genoa Bliven The return of the Moon to its Phase (Full Moon to Full Moon, New Moon to New Moon, etc.) is 29.5305882 days. The Siderial Period of the Moon’s orbit (to the same gate, line, color, tone, base, etc.) is 27.321661 days. The Moon’s average daily motion is 13.176358 degrees longitude, direct motion through the Zodiac. Hope that helps.
28.5 days is a mistake.

Sjef Romijn Any takers?

Interestingly; I do not call it sidereal, I just did the math of when does the Moon return to the same Gate/Line, because this is what I was told what matters.

From ‘Path of the Moon Workbook’ by Dharmen and Leela (https://thesecretofbeingyou.com/shop/the-path-of-the-moon-a-human-design-experiential-workbook):
• The Moon moves the fastest of all the planetary influences. It covers all 64 gates of the Rave Mandala in 28 +/- days.
• Up to 3 gates may be transited by the Moon each day.
• The Moon, like the planets, moves counter-clockwise through the Rave Mandala.
• Reflectors use the lunar cycle for their process of Strategy and of Inner Authority.

So not the name of it, and as one sees on the wikipedia link of my calculations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbit_of_the_Moon#Lunar_periods) there are 2 that have an average cycle of 27.3 days, Sidereal and Tropical. And I don’t give a bit which one it is. All I know is, the same Gate/Line takes roughly 27.3 days, this is the marker to check in with your self, or 5, 10, 13 lunar cycles, either/any which way, you’re processing and not making decisions with your mind. Simple, not easy 😉
Here is the full text as I share it with people: https://www.mcha.nl/reflector-lunar-cycle-as-a-strategy/

Next in my conversation with the tipper, a few questions arise and they’re shared:
‘besides, Ra is not very clear, let him quote form the 64 evolutionary steps -exactly- where he says this
he does not (I have the ebook/transcript bought here: https://www.jovianarchive.com/Products/275/The_64_Evolutionary_Steps)
and if there are only 62 steps (t)he lunar cycle would even be shorter, no?’

the answer comes

Jonah Dempcy:

“1. “Ra does not say there is a 62-step lunar cycle over 29.5 days in The 64 Evolutionary steps.”
Ra: “They divided a lunar month into 62 stages.”Also Ra:”Now imagine if you reduce [the sequence] into a lunar month so that you’re basically talking about a stage, a sequence, two a day, because that’s basically aproximately what you’re looking at.”
The lunar month is 29.5 days unlike the 27.3 day sidereal lunar month.

2. “if it were 62 steps, wouldn’t it be even shorter?”
No. It would be 62 steps divided along the 29.5 day lunar month”

And I say to this, Ra said ‘they divided’ not we need to, he gave an example of what others did.
he then also says “imagine if you…’
not, we should, or, this is how it works.

He is just giving an example of them and their work. not truth, not validation, not anything. And the 29.5 days divided into 62 steps has no logic, and no validation. It is just something made up, there is no mechanics to it. We can not even divide it into anything like Gates, Lines, Colors, Tones, bases, absolutely nothing. It is just a mental exercise, but not even math.

Jonah has now arbitrarily bombarded this concoction into a supposed system, that Reflectors should, what… exactly?

It makes no sense
https://youtu.be/xwdba9C2G14 and https://youtu.be/clKi92j6eLE 🙂

See a fuller quote from Ra is:
I mentioned at the beginning rather mysteriously that sequencing was based on an old Egyptian model. The way in which they used it was that they saw it as a way of understanding the mechanism of the microcosm by understanding the macrocosm. They divided a lunar month into 62 stages. And one of the things that that represents—and it’s not like I’m suggesting that you spend a lot of time investigating that, it’s just simply to have a context— was a way of understanding the timing of mechanisms.

note these words: “and it’s not like I’m suggesting that you spend a lot of time investigating that, it’s just simply to have a context

one page after the ‘imagine if’ part Ra writes (ok says since it’s a Transcript/ebook I use): “Now, it’s not about studying it and saying “What sequence am I in? What’s the sequence today? How long is that going to take?” That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being yourself, about living out your nature. If you’re following and honoring the Strategy of your Type, those things are natural.

mind this part maybe/perhaps: “How long is that going to take?” That’s not what it’s about.

Jonah, you’re making shit up.

Now onto where Jonah writes: “So, just one of many, many cases where Sjef is completely wrong. He’s also said, for instance, that which his 2nd Color Determination he only eats what he likes, and he likes fast food, Taco bell, Mc Donald’s and the like

It is only because of his text that I just found out we actually have a freakin Taco bell, in my city’s centre, so I’m gonna go there soon, and sniff it out, smell it, because I use my Cognition, my Tone to cognize -what- to digest. And my Color 2, taste how to digest is, just like I understood it from my year training with 2 awesome mentors, Leela and Dharmen. And I could be wrong, I could have gotten it wrong, yet so far in my experiment, and did that year training change my kitchen and perspective on things, and I’m open to that, to being told wrong, but so far I’ll use what impression I get from smelling it, ok?

But the kicker is this, what happened Jonah, to duality and differentiation? Why should I not be ‘allowed’ to do it exactly as I now described. Taco Bell and McD are not excluded from duality nor from differentiation. But you claim they are. This makes you a moral crusader. Do you understand yin and yang even, do you comprehend that you are telling someone what they should or should not do, and even, what they can not!? In which motherfucking dictatorship ever?

Now I heard, one girlfriend broke up with you, cause you could not let her be human, let her be differentiated and dualistic, always on her case of how wrong she was living her design. How she lived it.

I remember vaguely, how you behaved in those beginning days, trying to use HD to accomplish things, to further some mental goal, I did not save the interactions I think, but I do remember what I then told you, is what set you off. I said something along the lines of: ‘if you use or seek to use HD like this, then HD is not for you’ and I stand by this today still.

However as you mentioned in your lil video: ‘What to Do Your 1st Year in Human Design’ (from I think 2022?) which used to be here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra123Hh1nGo

It’s amazing, but it’s also it’s one of the hardest, in the sense that you have to not jump to a conclusion for a month, and I don’t know a single Reflector, I mean I, I’m a member of the Reflectors group on Facebook and there’s a very prominent Reflector on there, that’s probably the most famous Reflectors and he is the most not-self person I’ve ever met.
I haven’t met physically but, the most not-self person I’ve ever interacted with.
I mean four years ago when I started becoming more active in Human Design communities, I think almost everyone, everyone who joins Human Design communities are almost immediately put off by this dogmatic gatekeeper who is like the worst of all of the 9 not-self Centers.
He’s always trying to prove with his Undefined Ego and he’s always, you know, misdirecting people and trying to guide them with his Undefined G Center.
He’s supposed to… he’s here to be guided, he’s not here to guide he’s always pointing people in the direction it was usually the wrong direction for them and he’s always a hurry with his Undefined root and pressuring and he’s not supposed to do that and it’s like, you know, never knows when enough is enough you just keeps going and going and going with his Undefined Sacral.
And with his Undefined Solar Plexus he’s super evasive and squirrely and won’t ever focus on the truth and and so anyway, you know, you … it’s really hard if you’re a Reflector.

wait: “I don’t know a single Reflector” Your mom is one !? And you base all your info on your experience with her, even if there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of -different- Reflectors. No, am I mistaken?

I don’t know how or why, but your marvellously wonderfully awesome powerful brain/mind, has incredible blind spots, and no one seems to talk to you about it. But just as above, you come up with a problem, completely made up, and then a solution to this made up problem, which to me is called a straw man’s argument, or something like that, just as in this example from November 2019:

Ok here is where it gets funny cause since publication of this blog, Jonah decided to make his Youtube video ‘The 6 Environments’ I shared on here, private, now who is being ‘super evasive and squirrely’? 😉
So the (auto generated) Transcript of the video from “The Six Environments (Original)” https://youtu.be/6mk19oI3rW8, is this:

this is jonah Dempsey your host of the human design deconditioning guide today I’m going to talk about six environments

in human design there are six fundamental kinds of environments now you can go much more nitty-gritty you can look you can look you know at the particulars of the nodes what gate they’re in what line their hand and you know there are 32 nodal environments and then if you look more specifically at each line you can find the themes there but at the level of color of your design node color there are 6 environments and that’s what we’re going to talk about today

so first of all you’re not gonna be able to see this from my body graph comm or from experimental comm or you know most of these websites genetic matrix Tovey and archive comm none of them are going to show it a lot of places charge money for this information which I believe is highly unethical because it is literally a simple mathematical calculation it is so simple and you know ya charge money for something you do that has value that but you know charging money from you can’t copyright a mathematical formula you know what I mean so I think it’s highly unethical that these websites do not show that information for free but that’s the topic for another video

in any case there is one out there Humedevs hu em des comm hu em des comm will tell you your color and tone information so that’s good so anyway depending what color you have of your design nodes and for those who aren’t familiar color is a subdivision of line your environment will be either caves markets kitchens mountains valleys or Shores so if you have color one your caves color two is markets color 3 is kitchens color for mountains color 5 is valleys and color 6 is Shores so these are the six fundamental human design environments they are split into two groups of three

the hardscape which is one two and three caves markets and kitchens these are all city environments urban environments environments where you’re packed in in closed auric contact with a lot of people you know for these for that so for this division people first second and third environment are designed for cities you’re made to be in a city and you have a stronger immune system that needs the stimulation from being exposed to all sorts of germs from different people then you have landscape which is mountains for valleys five and shores six so again you have colors one two three hard scape colors four five six landscape landscape just like it sounds people who need to be in the country then there’s another division just like there’s two groups of three

there’s also three groups of two this is something that you find in the II Ching all the time with the pair of trigrams and the triad of diagrams and it’s the same here the first two environments caves and markets are splenic the splenic environments are all about survival and about the fundamental earlier the earliest evolution of humanity where caves are a densely urban environment which is honey right we always assume humanity came out of nature it’s not true humanity as we know it began with the birth of civilization which was essentially tribal societies living in caves you might think a cave was one or two people no caves were 20 or 30 or 40 people huddled together in a pulpy mass trying to survive so your cave environment very communalist communalist separatist binary which you know it’s the same thing we get at the first color of motivation fear so in any case the first color environment now that we’re talking about there’s a parallel to motivation but I don’t want to be confusing for those who haven’t studied as a side note there are six motivations as well which are determined by the personality sun and earth colors one through six and there are parallels because it’s basically a formula just like there are parallels with the lines

the first line investigator is also like this caves environment so caves and markets the first binary the splenic binary kitchens and mountains make the second binary that’s the odds Nick binary the odds not the third I write that binary is all about the mind kitchens as the pinnacle of the urban environment the most urban the melting pot New York City classic kitchen any big city is a kitchen the place of change and transformation for people come and go where things are constantly changing a melting pot of people from all over the place there’s that you know third color is associations with third line where it’s all about the exotic about people from all over to the fourth color mountains which is the beginning of the movement back to landscape and finally the solar plexus binary valleys and Shores this is the more advanced more evolved form no value judgment this is just what we’re going towards the valleys in the Shores so I hope to go into the environments in greater detail in upcoming videos but

for now find out your environment and kind of think about it and notice what it feels like to you what does it feel like when you’re in a place like that and you know you can deconstruct it too you can deconstruct oh you know well a cave is also a car because the cave is a a place that’s all about security right or you know artists studio is also a kitchen

right you can kind of deconstruct these watching a parade go by which is kind of a valley environment because the valley is all about the flow it’s all about where information flows we’re strangers flow has associations with the fifth color and so on Shores you know train tracks are a kind of artificial shore or where the forest meets the talent all right thanks for watching this has been your host the human design deconditioning guide Jenna Dempsey take care


Why would ‘hiding’ a mathematical formula be unethical? Funny victimization consideration and strawman argument.

Besides HD not being a moral system, so why pretend it should have morals or adhere to your self made up morals is quite funny.

And there’s the ‘Mark Germain slides’ (to the right) once you have a more advanced chart, or get the 7 day free trial of the MMI software with the ‘Sub Line Planetary Data’ as is also found in the cheapest ‘Basic’ version.

Free, not hidden, free

Besides, as artificial shores (landscape) I can not leave my artificial city by the shore. Been there done that, not happening, not correct. In the end it is about -frequency-, it is not a place. And the (re)cognition of said frequency.

Just like PHS Thirst supposedly borders on under body temperature (Cold) and above body temperature (Hot) it really depends, for you, you may be Hot Thirst and thrive on 10C below body temp.

It is for you to find out the detailed specifics of it, by living it, by experimenting. not just look up this supposedly simply mathematical calculation and then adhere to it, as if it is true

Also, with all these Variables getting only the bare information as FB HD groups provide, or any 20 minute video might actually hinder ‘getting it’ and living it, correctly, since many of the words and concepts used in HD are not the dictionary meaning or understanding we may have. It needs a proper trained Professional to explain these nuances, and not just a reading about it, but a good course or workshop to learn to implement it, over time.

Cause what happens now is, people see your videos, which are also not enough and then come to you for sessions/explanations. How is that different than going directly to a trained Professional?

Going through the year training helped me apply it and ground it: https://thesecretofbeingyou.com/transformation/
(and their pre-requisite course and Reading)

Getting all that information on day 1, as I did, was not helping, at all: https://www.mcha.nl/2016/02/24/are-you-serious/

Jonah, you’re making shit up.

onwards to the heart breaking part of your little vicious comment:

I recommend everyone else block him, too, as he has absolutely nothing to contribute to the study of Human Design or, seemingly, to humanity as a whole.

“he has absolutely nothing to contribute … seemingly, to humanity as a whole.”

what the actual fuck? again, duality and differentiation.

So now what, you want me dead? or fuck what dude?
How would you even know, and in which universe are you the judge of this? And this, again, makes you the (endemic) little fascist. Yin Yang, I mean, seriously, this is your argument? ‘nothing to contribute’

I am speechless, color me surprised Jonah, you’ve actually achieved it.

Thanks for the laughs Jonah, but you, are an idiot, and I blame the unborn entity for your existence and your behaviour (as well as mine). Say hi to your mom for me?

Addendum: I thought of adding a link to a real dick pic of mine here, cause you can all suck my dick
but I might get in trouble with my webhoster… 😛

SunBlog 20.5

Gate 20, Gate of the Now, contemplation

Gate 20 Line 5 Realism. Contemplation, in and of itself, is no guarantee of success.
Exalted: Where concentration on detail results in a perfected form. The success of expressing awareness through detail.
Detriment: Where reality creates dissatisfaction and adds to instability. The expression of awareness in the now through dissatisfaction with the reality one sees.