SunBlog 52.4 Self-Discipline

Weirdos in the mail:

weirdo: Hello Sjef. Could you unblock me on Facebook please ? I won’t bother you anymore (tag, DM, etc)
There is a lack of legit authorities of HD.
Thank you

me: which is the same weirdo:

Gate 52 of Inaction, Keeping Still (Mountain)
Gate 52 Line 4: Self-Disicpline
Exalted: Perfected self-discipline and restraint that deals easily and wisely with impulsive temptations. The energy for restraint which recognizes the value of stillness and focus.
Detriment: Though responsive to the need of a principled control based on the understanding of conditions, there is a tendency due to its natural expansiveness, to doubt and restlessness. Restless energy and doubt in the face of restraint.